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Travelling to India in the Summer? Here are 5 Things you can’t forget to pack!

Travelling to Summer In India

Travelling to India in the Summer? Here are 5 Things you can’t forget to pack!

India is mysterious, charming, and takes your breath away like no other country can. But India is also hot and humid (often at the same time), not exactly super-hygienic, and potentially frustrating if you don’t pack the right stuff! While almost everything is available to shop in the bigger cities, it doesn’t hurt to make some arrangements at your end too. Here’s a list of essential things to keep in mind when travelling to India –

  1. Hand sanitizers, wet wipes, & sun-screen

In India most places get very sunny during the day and it’s often handy to have sunscreen and wet tissues on hand to prevent nasty sunburn & heatstrokes. Also if you’re planning to use public transport a lot, hand sanitizers will go a long way in insulating you from communicable diseases.

  1.  Plug adapters & Voltage converters

Plug points in India come in different shapes and sizes, so packing in adapters suited to two or three pronged plugs doesn’t hurt. Having said that, if you touch down in any of the bigger cities, it’s super easy to find universal multi-plug setups at an electronics/general store that will take care of any of your devices!

  1. Super light linen clothing plus headgear & sunglasses

Remember – pack bright colored clothes that are light and won’t wear you down on particularly hot days. Also if you plan to visit temples, mosques, gurdwaras, or other religious structures, it’s always convenient to have your own ‘kerchief to cover your head. They usually won’t let you in without it!

  1.  Print-outs of plane/train/bus tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

Yes this one’s kinda obvious but Wi-Fi connectivity is an issue in some places and you don’t want to be stranded, hoping for three yellow bars to come alive on your phone/laptop. Make sure everything is properly kept and don’t lose the bag with all the info! When in India you can download the IRCTC app and Delhi Metro app to make sure everything’s on time.

  1. Sturdy shoes, backpack, pen knife, medical kit and the works

India’s come a long way over the past few decades and your trip is highly unlikely to be a basic fight for survival against snakecharmers and cows on the road with only quack hakims to give medicine, but we’d still recommend a few basic utilities on hand to ensure that there’s smooth sailing from start to finish.

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