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Traveller Selfie + Video Of The Week! (26th April 2015)

When you watch these traveller stories about experiences travellers had and the paths that opened up for them as they went on tours this weekend you’ll realise how important it is to be a traveller in your own city. Explore, explore, explore! The journey is what moves us, forget the destination.

Travel is no longer about moving from one city to the other, there’s so much to see in your city itself, the question is when are you going to start travelling in your own city?

Sherpa Stacy’s traveller talks about how Stacy brings alive the nooks and crannies of Mumbai’s hidden haunts. He might have walked by those spots tons of times but he asks himself if he’s ever explored them and understood their significance. Kudos! You are truly a traveller in your own city!

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Selfie of the Week – Woman power! 


Sherpa Harsha Takes her travellers for a walk to the haunted fort of Feroz Shah Kotla for a “Date With the Djinns”. If you’re into haunted stories then this is the tour for you.

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