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#TakeOff: Andaman Nicobar, 7 offbeat things you have to do.

#TakeOff: Andaman & Nicobar Islands, 7 offbeat things you have to do.

Hawaii is too far away, Bali is too unrealistic. I have limited money and little time. If you’re looking for some holiday summer romance, whatever your reason is, the Andamans seem like a perfect place to take off to.

Here, I’m going to tell you how to get there and 7 really offbeat things to do. I’ll give you the space to write back the remaining 3 once you’ve actually been to the Andamans and we can exchange notes.

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Things you HAVE TO DO.

1. Sun Bathing!

Yes please. Just laze around on the beach and feel the warm sand underneath your feet.

cocktail-24 – Maybe even add a spiked coconut drink to the equation and you have the perfect vacation.

book-16-24 – Read a book, or listen to the waves.

sun-2-24 – Spend time watching a sunset or a sunrise or just the clouds. I would go for the clouds.

By the beach at Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Beach Life

2. Cellular Jail

A spectacular historical location that’s witnessed executions and criminals like no other place has.

Popularly known as “Kaala Pani” (Black water), this jail was used by the Britons to exile political prisoners. Pick up a story or two here as you stroll through with your Dear Diary.

cellular jail andaman and nicobar islands
Cellular Jail

3. From one island to another

Gone are the days of dine-n-dash while shack hopping at Goa. It’s time to level up the game.

We’re going island hopping. Ross Island of Port Blair and Neil Island off Havelock are a half day trip, and if you are into museums and cemeteries you would love this place.

You could also take a photo walk of the old ruins of the buildings of Ross Island.

Havelock, Ross Island, Andamans
The Island Life

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4. Sea walking

While at Neil Island, take the underwater walk at the Northbay and Havelock Island. You have this whole equipment that lets you breath normally. Walk on the sea bed exploring the corals and the fishes. I am quoting DiCaprio here “Let us not take this planet for granted.” Reefs need you.

Sea Walking Andamans
Sea Walking Andamans

5. Chatham Saw Mill

This happens to be the biggest and the oldest saw mill owned by the forest department in all of Asia. Dating back to 1839 and being a storehouse of all kinds of woods, marble, padauk, gurjan, satinwood and what not this place produces various furniture and handicraft things. Pick up a souvenir or two.

Souvenir Shopping in Andamans
Souvenir Shopping

6. Aberdeen Bazaar

A buzzing bazaar known for the variety of goods sold here.

church-24 – Aberdeen Bazaar also has some catholic churches which are as peaceful as they get.

coat-24 – Cheap clothes and household goods may look like the usual but this place has been constructed entirely out of wood.

bread-24 – This place has a number of good places to eat your heart out at, do try the Venison.


7. Bird Watching

Port Blair is known as a rare bird island called Chidiya Tapu with forests Mangroves and what not.

bird-24Pick up a book on birds if you’re new to birding, if you’re a lifer, we hope you find that one bird that’s keeping you from attaining Moksha.

Birding in Andamans

Now for the usual, you have to do the water sports and chill with the locals, dance to their music and go for the museum trail, also have a nice candle light dinner at the beach while sipping coconut water. Worth a holiday we say!

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Visited Andamans? We’re looking for 3 more awesome offbeat things to do. Help us out and we’ll mention your contribution on a social media shout out!


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