#TakeOff – In Your City – 7 Nooks and crannies of Delhi

#TakeOff – In Your City – 7 Nooks and crannies of Delhi

Every weekend there’s this struggle of what to do, where to go eat, what event to attend, what food festival to hunt for. Annoyed with this overwhelming need to do the usual I’ve spent the last few weekends snuggled in my couch watching Newsroom and Sherlock alternatively. Oh Benedict, as much as I love you, I also crave a little bit of the outside world. No more will I spend any more free time doing nothing.

With that resolve, I set out to look for the parts of Delhi that are yet to be discovered by the likes of me. It’s funny really, having lived here most my life you’d think I would know this place better. Alas, I couldn’t be more wrong!

I’ve put together a list of 7 places in the hidden nooks and crannies of Delhi that you HAVE TO VISIT! Read on to learn things you never knew existed.

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5 tours in Delhi you should take with your family this summer!


Hello lovely Dilliwalas! The heat wave has taken over the city, making it nearly impossible to think straight. The only thing that can bring solace is a glass of ice cold juice or a chilled martini and the A/C.

Does that mean this summer vacation will be boring and stay at home? Absolutely NOT. We have curated a list of the coolest tours that you can take in Delhi with your family this summer. Forget the hassle of planning a long vacation and go be a traveller in your own city instead with our lineup of local tours this summer.

1. Discover the delicious Delhi 6!

Forget the fancy insides of your favourite family restaurant and get out on the street this time to explore the lip-smacking flavours your delicious Delhi 6 has to offer. Make this summer vacation about the streets of Delhi, explore the Chawri Bazaar – the biggest wholesale market of the country, the Jama Masjid and learn about the Mughal architecture, visit the Ghalib’s Haveli and get to know more about the most famous Persian poet.

22 Travellers Enjoy Sherpa Rohan’s Old Delhi Food Walk


Our Sherpas will also take you to the top of a minaret to get the most splendid 360 degree view of the city. Try some mouthwatering Mughlai delicacies from the best places around Jama Masjid like kebabs, Qorma, Stew, Biryani and top it off with some Shahi tukda, moong daal ka halwa, phirni, gulba jamun, gond ka halwa…you get the drift. This tour is a mouthful!

Rohan Food Tour Collage
Old Delhi Food Tour With Sherpa Rohan


Do you need more reasons to take this tour?

The Delhi 6 tour with Sherpa Rohan is the thing to do this summer with your family. Book the tour here!


2. Click away at the Lodhi Garden with Shepra Shagun

Always looked at amazingly clicked pictures and wondered how to take them? Is there a camera at home that you wished you used more often? You might have visited Lodhi garden before but, this time take your family to discover this destination through a photographer’s lens! Walk with Sherpa Shagun on her “Photography lessons- through the unexplored corners of Lodhi Garden” tour and learn the intricacies of photography with your family. A picture is worth a thousand words. Go home and make a montage out of all the pictures that you click, so that someday when stumble upon it your entire family can think back upon the summer weekend they had and the how close it bought all of you.

12.04.15 (1)
Travellers at the Lodhi Garden Photo Walk With Sherpa Shagun (BL)


Click professional looking family photos, fuel your sibling’s newfound fascination with photography and give your parents a wholesome family trip over the weekend that you can cherish forever with the Photography lessons- through the unexplored corners of Lodhi garden tour!

3. Where art thou? Modern Art Tour With Sherpa Mitalee!

Whether your family is a lover of all things art or one that thinks modern art is alien and intricate, the “Where art thou?” tour with Sherpa Mitalee is perfect for you and your family. She talks about the various artists, their muses, their artistic eccentricities, stories and the inspirations behind their pieces. Step into the gallery with your family while our Sherpa decodes the while our beloved Shepra- with her amazing (dry) sense of humor churns up an experience around the four floored national gallery of modern art. If your parents believe that modern art lacks substance, this is the perfect way to change their minds! Watch this video if you don’t believe us!

Travellers Enjoying Sherpa Mitalee’s Modern Art Walk In Delhi


Trust us, you all will go back with a refreshed perspective of the world after this tour! Book the “Where art thou?” tour here!

4. Enjoy the Tibetan culture and food with Sherpa Fatima

A family that dines together stays together!  Yes, we ardently believe that there is nothing that stirs up conversations as well as food does. Will you miss a chance to explore some new delicious Tibetan Cuisine with your family? We wouldn’t.

Join Sherpa Fatima through the lanes of the Tibetian refugee colony in Majnu ka tila and learn about the Tibetian culture, their way of life and the most unconventional food. Eat the best Thupka, Cheley, Shabta, Shabalay, Kothey, Tingmo, and many other such delicacies. Give your family a dining experience that goes beyond your usual outings.

Tibetan Delhi Food Tour, Majnu Ka Tila

End the tour with a cup of amazing coffee and conversation.

We’re certain you would have created some amazing memories with your family by the end of this supercool tour.  Take the tour and explore the Tibetan Food and Culture.

5. Explore the street art of Shahpur Jat with Sherpa Pankaj

Take your family out to witness the art that has take over Shahpur Jat’s streets. Sherps Pankaj takes you through the nooks and crannies of this urban village filled with eccentric art ranging from tiny stencils to 20 feet tall towering masterpieces. Amidst the fashion boutiques and various shopping destinations we’re sure you have frequented often lies the uncanniest of art!

Hear what the travellers have to say about this tour!

Take your family for an outing this summer with the “Better than Grey- The street art of Shahpur Jat” tour!

This summer #DoDelhiDifferently, take your family for the weekend outing that they have never had before, explore together, eat together, learn and discover the things about your city that you never would have known otherwise! Book a tour with us here!

Confused about what to do in Mumbai with you family this summer? Have a look at the 5 tours in Mumbai you should take with your family this summer! Stay tuned for we have more awesomeness coming your way this summer vacation!

#SherpaStories – Becoming Book Buddies with Sherpa Mishika!

Old Delhi hides within its core a multitude of secrets. And our Sherpas have unearthed some of the very best – from Rohan’s Old Delhi foodgasm to Faraz’s street photography by night tour, we really seem to have a magical affinity with Old Delhi. But Old Delhi is only meant for hardcore foodies or dreamy travellers consumed by wanderlust or the good people who actually live there, right? It’s not a place for deep thinkers, avid readers, or white collar corporate hotshots.  It’s about tangy street food, tiny shops tucked away inconspicuously, and towering thousand year old monuments, no? Surely books and stationery and all that serious stuff has no place in the busy lanes of the Walled city. We definitely thought so.

But trust a lawyer with all her swag to prove you wrong ! Introducing the latest chapter of the #SherpaStories collection, we have Sherpa Mishika Singh who happens to be all of a curious thinker, avid reader, and a corporate hotshot (well she argues that she’s actually in litigation but you get the idea). She also has a knack for clicking pretty awesome ‘ group selfies’ ! (see below)

Sherpa Mishika Book Shopping Tour

Whenever Mishika’s not in legal eagle mode she finds herself knee-deep in a mountain of books at the Sunday Book Bazaar near Dilli Gate. Needless to say, she puts her sternest face on and brings on the hustle, arguing left, right. and center to get the best book for her buck!

 Books are your best friends. And there is a two to three hundred meter lane here dedicated just to book sellers plying their trade every Sunday. Within those there are familiar faces whom I’ve been buying from for the past eight years, and I can almost guarantee that you will find any book that you’re looking for. Even if you don’t get exactly what you wanted, the prices are so unbelievable that my travellers often end up buying 7-8 books each time! ” 

Aha! Sounds like a steal? You haven’t heard the punchline yet. One of the shops has a policy to sell books by weight here. So regardless of whether you get your hands on a pristine first edition of an Enid Blyton classic or snagged up the latest Jeffrey Archer thriller or just scored that GMAT prep book you’ve always found too darn expensive online, your purchase is only valued by its force on the weighing scales!

How cool is that? If you’re even slightly intrigued we would highly recommend that you drop the lazy Sunday brunch plans and head over to the Delhi Gate book bazaar with our uber cool Sherpa Mishika on her “Shopping for Books in the Heart of Delhi” tour right here at SeekSherpa!

” I’m so glad that conducting this tour has got me reading again. Some of the recommendations are mindblowing and now I have a fixation for ghost stories!” 

Well you know what they say about books and movies right? Sometimes you just can’t get enough! (Ok fine we made that up, but it’s true!)

Don’t fancy yourself queuing up to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? No worries we’ve got you covered! We have an entire range of food, shopping, culture, and nightlife tours that you can check out here. You should also scroll down for more #Sherpastories and other craziness coming your way regularly!

#SherpaStories – Meet Rohan Kathpalia, the Dude of Delhi 6!

Some people can use their left and right hands equally well. Others would swear by their ability to solve complex math and write Shakespearean tragedies with the same efficacy. But there are few, and we mean very few, people in the world who can create a food tour that has the same level of awesomeness for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodies!

1426611780 (2)

Sherpa Rohan is one of those select few and he has cherry-picked some of the most ‘delectable’ spots in Old Delhi for you to get your chance at heaven on a plate, in his “Dangerously Delectable Dining in Delhi 6″ tour, currently trending on SeekSherpa. It’s not hard to see why!

Book his tour here!

 He just conducted the largest Food walk of Old Delhi with over 20 participants from 12 different countries, amazing, isn’t it!


With a lawyer’s swag and a beard to die for (no kidding), Rohan (who is also an ex-journalist BTW) has put his boots on many a time over the past years, with the sole aim of finding hidden haunts of Delhi that serve up some of the most authentic and lip-smacking North Indian and Mughlai grub that he could get his hands on. Was he successful? Well, you won’t be able to find out unless you grab your seat on his tour right here!

 This is a must-have on every foodie’s list, especially those who can’t help but crave North Indian & Mughlai delicacies. I’ve come here enough times to have tasted both the good and the bad. I promise to make YOU have the best!”  

Check out some awesome pictures from Rohan’s tour here -

Rohan Food Tour Collage

” I don’t think the taste of food depends on its price. I could come up with a list of delicacies to set your taste buds alight, all under a hundred bucks.”    

& this one too!

For Delhi prices, hundred bucks is a steal. And it would be impossible to find without the suave charm of our very own Sherpa Rohan!


So what are you waiting for? Hop onto the food trail this weekend at 630 PM. Fair warning – this is not for the faint-stomached!


10 other feedback videos waiting to be watched here!


Still not convinced? Hear what people like you had to say about other tours here! For any other queries – get in touch at makemesherpa@seeksherpa.com. Oh, and did we mention we’ve got a wicked line up of tours in Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, and Bangalore on our website. We also write #SherpaStories on super-cool people conducting awesome tours regularly and keep posting cool ideas on travel right here at the official SeekSherpa blog!

4 Great Ways To Explore Old Delhi Like Never Before!

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Old Delhi Tours

Old Delhi was founded as the walled city of Shahjahanabad in the 17th century by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, and encompasses a large area from Chandni Chowk to the Red Fort. Needless to say, the streets here are bustling and our Sherpas are hustling!

We’ve got 4 innovative ways to explore the charm and heritage of Old Delhi in Tours like you’ve never seen before.


  1. For all the jewelry aficionados, Chandni Chowk is a treasure trove of silver, gold, and other delights. Follow Sherpa Kanika’s lead as she navigates through a maze of options to get you the best bling possible!

Jewellery Shopping Tour In Delhi



  1. Like other great architecture, old Delhi lights up beautifully at night. What’s more, board the foodie train led by Sherpa Akshay as he experiments with some old favorites, new discoveries, and then some on this Recommended Tour! We guarantee that you’ll leave with a stuffed belly and a big smile.

Food Tour in Old Delhi With Sherpa Akshay

View and book the experience here – http://experiences.seeksherpa.com/expdetails.php?expid=406


  1. It’s unfair to visit a place with such a magnificent legacy without pausing to think about where it all started. If you’re like us and Wikipedia pages are too boring for you, allow Sherpa Divyanidhi to impress you with his two bits on Mughal history and the intricacies of the majestic Red Fort.

Red Fort and Old Delhi Tour

View and book the experience here – http://in.bookmyshow.com/events/travel-back-to-the-mughal-era-at-red-fort-and-old-delhi/ET00028489


  1. Tread carefully as Sherpa Priya weaves a path full of exotic spices, perfumes, and other indigenous delights enroute the Savory Trade experience in Chandni Chowk. The aim of the walk is to understand the spices, their origins, their uses, the lovely dishes one makes from them, their trade, & also get a chance to purchase them at reasonable rates given her understanding of the market and bargaining prowess!

Sherpa Priyas Spice Market Delhi Tour



To check out other creative and cool ideas to (re) discover the cities of India, check out other micro tours on our website – seeksherpa.com! Bookings available at bit.ly/sherpadelbms today!