Weekend Getaways from Mumbai? Here we come!

Weekend getaways can be a perfect way to break free from the daily grind before it gets on your nerve. A short vacation where you can relax and rejuvenate, can help you to reinvigorate your senses, thereby helping you ease the pressure of work and daily existence.

Fortunately, for those of us staying in Mumbai, most beautiful destinations are just a short drive away which makes them a perfect weekend getaway. The state of Maharashtra offers you a range of options that you can explore along with the best view of nature and major attractions.

There are beaches, waterfalls, forts, mountains, hills and more that encompasses every corner of this state and places that will leave you mesmerised by its simplistic grandeur.

Now, if you are planning on a weekend getaway from Mumbai, but have no idea where to go, then this stunning infographic will help you decide on the best place to visit in Mumbai for your weekend retreat.

This infographic is an ultimate weekend getaway guide that explains comprehensively the 55+ popular destinations in Mumbai that you can visit. This guide is categorically divided on the basis of distance and provides you information such as the best time to visit a particular place, major attractions and more.

Alternatively, if you’re not looking to head out of Mumbai, we’ve got you covered! Check out SeekSherpa’s amazing line up of Weekend activities for Mumbai here!

In addition, you can also download a printable PDF of this guide and keep it for your reference.

So take a look at this stunning post and plan a perfect weekend trip with your family or friends!

55+ Weekend Getaways from Mumbai by the team at ZaraHutke.in

Best Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Credits – Guest post by Nirav Dave from Zarahutke

Traveller Selfie + Video Of The Week! (26th April 2015)

When you watch these traveller stories about experiences travellers had and the paths that opened up for them as they went on tours this weekend you’ll realise how important it is to be a traveller in your own city. Explore, explore, explore! The journey is what moves us, forget the destination.

Travel is no longer about moving from one city to the other, there’s so much to see in your city itself, the question is when are you going to start travelling in your own city?

Sherpa Stacy’s traveller talks about how Stacy brings alive the nooks and crannies of Mumbai’s hidden haunts. He might have walked by those spots tons of times but he asks himself if he’s ever explored them and understood their significance. Kudos! You are truly a traveller in your own city!

Book Sherpa Stacy’s Tour here!

Selfie of the Week – Woman power! 


Sherpa Harsha Takes her travellers for a walk to the haunted fort of Feroz Shah Kotla for a “Date With the Djinns”. If you’re into haunted stories then this is the tour for you.

Book the “Date With The Djinns Tour” here!

Sleeping in on Saturday? Wake up, there are 19 amazing tours to catch!

Sleeping in on Saturday? Wake up, there are 19 amazing tours to catch!

Hey there Delhi, Mumbai, & Bengaluru! Yes, you read the title correctly. Come 28th February, we have 19 tours going up with more than a 100 seats up for grabs across these 3 cities. So you could either sleep in, watch some TV, and grab a pizza like always, or you can wake up, bring on the hustle and do #delhidifferently #mumbaimagically and #bengalurubeautifully through our micro tours conducted by awesome Sherpas! The choice is yours. Book fast because seats are filling up!

We’ve handpicked a few tours for those of you too lazy to even go through our recommended section! For a full list, be sure to check out bit.ly/sherpadelbms.com

  1. Tours in Delhi

History buff with a flair for photography? Humayun’s Tomb is a maze of pathways, each one adorned with beautiful architecture and with a special story to tell. Sherpas Ananya, Medha, & Harsha each try to put the most ardent historians to shame with their very own Humayun’s Tomb experiences designed to enamor and educate at the same time.

You can view and book Ananya’s Humayun’s Tour here!

Humayun's Tomb Tour With Sherpa Ananya

You can view and book Medha’s top selling tour here!

Humayun's Tomb Delhi Tour With Sherpa Medha

You can view and book Harsha’s experience here!

History Tour With Sherpa Harsha



  1. Mumbai Tours!

Cycling tour? Got your game face on? Bring it (and a pair of sports sneakers) while cycling around Mumbai with Sherpa Neha. She promises a taste of the sea, a glimpse of history, and a scent of Bollywood! You can view and book Neha’s experience here!

Sherpa Neha's Mumbai Cycling Tour

You can view and book Neha’s experience here!

Food Tour of Mumbai? As the sun sets, keep the adventure alive and kicking with the dangerous dining experience at Dongri and Bohari Mohalla with our super brave Sherpa Atash. What starts at McDonald’s finishes with meat stew! Muahahaha! You can view and book Atash’s Mumbai Food Tour here!

Mumbai Food Tour With Sherpa Atash

You can view and book Atash’s experience here!

  1. Bengaluru

For our buddies down South, we hand over the reins to the capable hands of Sherpa Krisha, a lady with a vision for her favorite city, and a mission to help you explore it! The aim of her tour is a power-packed high speed download on the roots of Bengaluru wherein she touches one place after the other every 30 minutes. Try to keep up! You can view and book Krisha’s experience here!

Bengaluru History Tour

You can view and book Krisha’s experience here!

Still didn’t find something that made you go WOW? We’ve got an entire lineup of micro tours in Delhi, Bengaluru, & Mumbai to keep you busy for a long long time. Check them out at bit.ly/sherpadelbms or at www.seeksherpa.com.

Dangerous Dining in Dongri and Boharimohalla!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 16.33.58
Meeting Point: Outside Mc Donald’s, Opposite CST
The tour will give you a first hand adventurous feel of the unique flavors of Mumbai and what the city has to offer. Let me say it is not for the faint hearted! So if you can brave it, experience this uniquely flavorful journey with me, where the marriages of meat and grease, crime and ice-cream reign supreme!
Mumbai, a land renowned for many things, but most notoriously for its dark underbelly where gangsters and crime overruled everything else once upon a time. The legends hold that some menacingly exquisite food evolved out of these menacing areas, which would make for a fine culinary experience! This tour is for those with nerves of steel and obsession for good food who will overcome all apprehensions and venture into this tour with a promise of divinely tasty food! Perhaps it would even become a worthy adventure, a tale to tell and remember!
The tour will start in the evening with a small round of drinks and introductions (optional). Then we would explore the colorfully chaotic streets of Dongri for and pit stop at a famed restaurant that earns the patronage of a famous film star currently languishing in jail. We can marvel at the classic Hussein painting that was gifted to the owner by Hussein himself, (don’t peep into the kitchen, it’ll ruin your appetite), and eat some legendary fare like the robust nihari, melt in the mouth shammi kebabs, and the uniquely subtle ‘Safed Biryani’. with flavors that are so delicate, yet so complex and peculiarly mesmerizing!

After this we would take a walk down the famous lanes of Bohari mohalla, where you could get some a glimpse into the creations of the Bohori community, unique of Mumbai. One such famed creation is the exotic sounding ‘Bara handi’, roughly translated as the ’12 pot style of cooking’, where an old wizard-like master chef conjures up the most flavorful meat stew with different cuts of meat slowly cooking in 12 pots. We end the tour at one of Mumbai’s oldest hand churned ice-cream destinations. (Includes only Sherpa Fee)

Suited for:
Vegetarians (egg eaters), Non Vegetarians (non beef eaters), Non Vegetarians (beef eaters)

Bring your appetite and you’re set!

Host Info:
Sherpa Atash

Who am I?
Former chef with Taj and now working with a multinational wine company.

Why me?
Professional chef, wine marketer, and a foodie to the core!

Languages spoken by Sherpa
English, Hindi and Marathi

Things To Do In Mumbai This Weekend!

#StopMissingOut – Be a traveller in your own city!

Mumbai Hai Teri Jaan! If you’re looking for things to do in Mumbai this weekend then you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got the best things to do apart from going for a movie or drinks or dinner! :)

Be it Mumbai Tours, Mumbai Sightseeing, or Mumbai heritage walks – we’ve got all the things to do this weekend for you!

If you’re looking for more ways to spend the weekend visit our website at www.SeekSherpa.com now!

WATCH what travellers have to say here!

A Seductive List of 8 Calming & Exciting Things To Do In Bandra!

This post comes courtesy Sherpa Sachin, who apart from conversing in English, Hindi, Marathi, French and Spanish is an MA in Indian philosophy, likes telling stories, & likes to relate everyday contemporary India with her mythologies, history and politics.

A Seductive List of 8 Calming & Exciting Things To Do In Bandra!

1) For the early birds – Take in the immense peace watching the sea as dawn breaks at the seaside promenade of Bandstand.

2) Evening lover – Alternate between watching a stunning sunset filtered by mangroves and B-boppers strutting their stuff on Carter Road.

3) Runner? – Click away at selfies against a skyline of skyscrapers and dodge the Mumbai Darshan busloads as you complete your (anticlockwise only!) ten rounds of Joggers park.

4) Love to meet new people? – Experience community organizing at its best, and meet everyone from screenwriters to queer activists at themed events organized by The Hive, Maharashtra Mandal Library, Gaybombay and many other groups.

5) Like your coffee hot? – Retire to the serene magnificence of the tiled, labyrinthine beauty of “Candies” restaurant for coffee and the best sandwiches!

6) Hunger struck? Puffs or plum cake at any 1 of the bakeries on Hill Road like A1, Hearsch or American Express, a smorgasbord of global cuisine jostling for room off Carter Road towards Union Park await you!

7) Offer & pray? Mini wax replicas of everything from dream houses to painted visas, outside Mount Mary’s basilica as offerings to Our Lady of the Mount (that could be why a certain house nearby is named  ‘Mannat’!)

8) Seeking the absurd and weird for your conspiracy theory? Stand atop Castilla de Aguada, also known as Bandra Fort from 1505, and contemplate the steel and concrete behemoth of the Bandra Worli sea-link from 2005: you have spanned 5 centuries!

Can’t find a date that suits you? You can book the custom date tour here! :) Go on and enjoy the tour like the others have too!

SeekSherpa Travellers!

View more Mumbai tours here!

All Night Party In Mumbai? Yes!

What a way to start the Monday, Mumbai!

In a huge leap of faith the Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria has cleared a  proposal to allow restaurants & pubs to serve all night. What does this mean for you? Not only can you party late in Mumbai but the Nightlife Tours in Mumbai are in action full swing! Read the report verbatim from the daily here.

So if you’re planning to hit the streets when you’re travelling or living it up in Mumbai, give the SeekSherpa guided tours a try!

1. Dancing, Dining, and Wining in Mumbai! By Sherpa Jai – who says “Event Management being my core business and dancing being a passion, nightlife comes naturally as an area of expertise.” – This tour happens on an on demand basis!

Mumbai Nighlitfe Tour From SeekSherpa With Jai Doshi

2. Old School Bombay Night Out in Mumbai By Sherpa Russell who says – “I’m a traveller who loves to discover cities through their street food and unconventional drinking joints” – This tour happens on an on demand basis!

Mumbai Nighlitfe Tour From SeekSherpa With Russel Pinto

3. Pub Crawling In Mumbai with Indian Beer! By Sherpa Sagar Who Says – “I believe in making fellow travellers comfortable and also giving them the non-touristy experience which would be tough to find by reading lonely planet and going to a tourist agency.”

Mumbai Nighlitfe Tour From SeekSherpa With Sagar Tambe

4. The Lower Parel Pub Crawl – By Sherpa Aditya who’s a “Foodie. Extrovert. Comic. Traveller. Enthusiast on all things Mumbai”. This tour is available on an on demand basis!

Mumbai NighlitfMumbai Nighlitfe Tour From SeekSherpa With Aditya Mehta!e Tour From SeekSherpa!

You can view more nightlife tours in Mumbai here – http://experiences.seeksherpa.com/index.php?cid=5&loc=2 at any time!

If you need help with booking a Mumbai Nightlife Tour or Mumbai Pub Crawl – call us at +91-98715-94442 now!

You can also book on our app on the Play Store – bit.ly/ssandro or on the App Store – bit.ly/iosappss now!

6 New Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day @ SeekSherpa

Here’s your cheat sheet to have the most romantic Valentine’s Day in Delhi or Mumbai! 14th Feb here’s what’s happening!

1.#DoDelhiDifferently – A Tour Through The Magnificent Humayun’s Tomb starting at 730 AM!

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 15.33.44


2. #DoDelhiDifferently – A Mirage Of Tales Through Your Lens – Walk Through Purana Qila (Old Fort) @ 4PM

Old Fort Tour With Sherpa Akriti

3. ##DoDelhiDifferently –  A Testimony To Time: Experiencing The Red Fort and Its Significance Through The Ages @ 1030AM

Red Fort Tour With Sherpa Sanjana

4. ##DoDelhiDifferently – Tughlaqabad Fort: A Tour Of The ‘Cursed’ City Of Delhi! @ 8am

Tughlaqabad Fort Tour With Sherpa Saatvik

5. #MumbaiMagically – Walking Tour to Experience the Juxtaposition of Zoroastrian and Marathi Culture @ 1030AM

Mumbai Culture Tour With Sherpa Sushant

6. #MumbaiMagically – Picturesque Bandra @ 7AM

Picturesque Bandra With Sherpa Sachin

Find some more awesome tours at bit.ly/sherpadelbms today! :)

Need help booking?! Call us at +91-98715-94442 now!

The post will help you figure out –

1. Things to do in Delhi on Valentine’s Day

2. Things to do in Mumbai on Valentine’s Day