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Summer Tours for Juniors in Delhi and Mumbai!

Tours for Juniors in Delhi and Mumbai

The first and the simplest emotion we discover in life is curiosity. Think back about the first few years of your child’s life, how your baby would reach out for those sparkling earrings you had on, or how his mesmerized eyes would follow the movements of the fan. That is the thing with children, everything within their reach is theirs to explore.

As they grow up, you play a crucial role in helping them retain the sense of wonder and awe in this self obsessed world.  Help them go beyond the usual history textbooks. Help them find more stories that lay hidden amidst the lanes of your city.

Fuel your child’s passion and love for exploring with our #tour4juniors. We have meticulously put together the best suited tours for your children to help them explore and take a hobby to the next level!tours for juniors

Tour for Juniors in Delhi

Get ready for the most memorable experience your child can have in Delhi this summer. We have curated these tours especially for that young brilliant mind waiting to explore!

Walk around the Archaeological garden with Sherpa Nishtha

Take them for a walk around the Mehrauli Archaeological garden with Sherpa Nishtha. The archaeological garden hides age old tales along their paths. They will learn about the Metcalfe House, the Balban Tomb, the mystifying stories about the Jamali Kamali, the Dargah of Bakhtiyar Kaki and the Rajon ki Baoli. Shepra Nishtha will draw a contrast between the indo-persian architecture while she takes your children for the walk.

Explore Lodhi Garden through a photographer’s lens!

We are certain you have taken your children to the Lodhi Garden before, but this time it will be lot more than a usual family trip for them. With the Photography Lessons – Through The Unexplored Corner Of Lodhi Garden tour they will learn the basic of photography. They will learn how to take beautiful picture perfect shots of this well known destination, they will also understand how to look at the world through a photographer’s lenses with our Sherpa Shagun who will guide them through the intricacies of clicking amazing pictures!

Travel back in time with Sherpa Saatvik

Allow them to travel back in time, with the “Humayun’s Tomb – A Walk through History” tour! In the two hour walk around Humayun’s Tomb Sherpa Medha will help them understand the different parts of the tomb and show them some interesting architectural illusions!

They will gain an insight into the lifestyle and the culture of the dynasty that ruled our country for the longest time.

Explore the world of books with Sherpa Mishika

Feed their love for reading, with the “Legendary Darya Ganj Book Market tour” where our Sherpa Mishika will not only help them understand the importance of reading good books but also help them find the perfect book to read. They will walk into the lanes of the Darya Ganj Market discovering bookstores they will cherish forever.

Be assured our Sherpas will take good care of your children on the tours. They will also make sure that your child’s hobby turns into a passion he would love to pursue.

Tours for juniors in Mumbai

This summer vacation in Mumbai, help your child see his beloved Bombay in a new light. Feed his penchant for knowledge and his curiosity for everything unknown with our #Tours4Juniors in Mumbai!

The Parsi taste with Sherpa Ananya

Let them go and explore the origins of their favourite Maska Bun and Chai with the Parsi Potpourri tour. Our Sherpa Ananya talks about the Parsi heritage, their faiths, their origins, their food and their way of life. She takes all the young dikras and dikris to this heritage walk helping them closely understand one of the most fun-loving, eccentric and free-spirited ethnic groups on Mumbai!

The Picturesque Bandra with Sherpa Sachin

Bandra is spectacular amalgamation of the rural villages and the contemporary architecture. Full of surprises along every nook and cranny, it is also the home to a certain Bollywood superstar! With the Picturesque Bandra tour Sherpa Sachin, a history buff with a flair for languages takes your children on the spectacular walk from Bandra Fort to St.Andrew’s Chruch telling them stories about the Buckingham palace like Parsi Sanatorium, centuries old churches and the Portuguese style urban village!

After this tour, not only will your kid understand the hidden beauty of Bandra, he will also pick up a few French and Spanish phrases from our beloved Sherpa Sachin.

Travel Back in time with Sherpa Jaynish

Travel back in time to the old Mumbai with our Sherpa Jaynish. Wouldn’t you want your child to know the real story behind the Flora Fountain, or how Chruchgate really got its name? “Fortress that Bombay once was” tour highlights the contrast between the fortified Bombay and Aamchi Mumbai showing the rich heritage that Bombay houses.

His tour is like a ride back in time—the closest one to a time machine, we think!

Explore the Jewish heritage with Sherpa Stacy

The Jewish community in Mumbai is nestled quietly in the heart of Colaba. With the “Shalom Mumbai” tour get your children to know more about the Jewish heritage, their architecture, and their culture. You would be surprised to realise how little your children know about the first foreign religion in the country.

Sherpa Stacy also has a store house of interesting stories that will keep up with their curiosity!

Give this summer a new interesting twist with our curated tours for juniors, who knows this might turn that seed of creativity in your child’s mind into a mighty big Oak tree!

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