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#SherpaStories – Tantalisingly Tasty Tibet with Sherpa Amrita

India is a land of many cultures, they say. Sure, heard that one a million times before, we say. But only when you catch a bonafide Bengali talk at length about the ins and outs of a Tibetan refugee colony tucked away in the heart of Delhi do you realize that they were right all along. India really is a land of many cultures.

But culture is not some mystical and confusing concept. It’s about how different people from the same community live their lives. How they eat, pray, work, sleep, and party. A culture is greater than the sum of its parts (said somebody famous) and understanding the minute aspects of different cultures can be a wonderful and enriching experience.

Luckily, we’ve got a (supercool) Sherpa who plans to do just that.

Introducing Amrita Mukherjee – a student of political science from DU with the unwavering passion of a true blooded traveller and a penchant for discovering hidden haunts! Sherpa Amrita has spent many hours wandering down the bylanes of  the Tibetan refugee colony in Majnu Ka Tila. Somewhere along the way she made friends with some of the locals ( including a diary and souvenir storeowner) , tasted some local food, shopped a little bit, and decided that this is a story she wants to tell the world.

To kick off the tour we walk across a bridge. And it’s like crossing over into a different country altogether. The people in the area have built up a mini Tibet with its amazing food, shopping, and the most beautiful monasteries that I have ever seen.  The aroma that’s constantly lingering in the air is a fusion of incense sticks, spices, and chai (tea). At different times during the day people gather in the big courtyard to chill. It’s a happy and laidback atmosphere ” 

Sounds cool? We definitely think so.

 Book your seat on the Exploring Tibetan Food & Culture tour with Sherpa Amrita!

Check out pictures of the awesome food and happy travellers below!

Tibetan Delhi Food Tour, Majnu Ka Tila

Tingmo, Thukpa, Tea, Tiramisu, and Tibet – these are the 5 Ts of Amrita’s tour! Touche!

Turns out Amrita isn’t the only college student on the Sherpa team! Check out this post about Sherpa Priya and her savory spice market tour! Or read more stories about interesting and eclectic sherpas conducting great tours hereWe also write regularly on how -tos, things to do, and a bunch of other cool stuff. You can visit our website or download the SeekSherpa app for a full lineup of experiences in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru!

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