#SherpaStories – Sherpa Stacy tells the untold stories of Mumbai! - SeekSherpa

#SherpaStories – Sherpa Stacy tells the untold stories of Mumbai!

#SherpaStories – Sherpa Stacy tells the untold stories of Mumbai!

‘Everything, or everybody, was on the move in every direction; there was no place to stop, no place to dawdle, you either moved on or got mowed down.’

In the hustle bustle of that city you could never really stop for breath. Leave alone, taking a walk around.  It was the city where dreams were made, after all.

It was also the city where you go five yards and all of the human existence is revealed.

It was an explorer’s fantasy, it was the writer’s muse, it was also the home to a lot of your favourite movie stars.

It was Mumbai. The city, where every corner concealed a crowd and every soul found one.

Sherpa Stacy was one such soul who found her corner in Bandra, a place she now calls her home.

The Queen of Suburbs, Bandra comes with no identity. She is home to myriad faces, moods, manners and contrasts. From quaint, crumbling villages with narrow streets the ways lead to seaside promenades with skyscrapers and lofty mansions. It is a world within the city of dreams.

Let Sherpa Stacy take you for a tour around the streets of Bandra showing you its life and soul through the eyes of a person who discovered it and fell in love. With her tour “Experience Bandra”-Delve into the multicultural history, the colonial architecture, beautiful graffiti, delicious food and local villages of Bandra. Take a walk with her down the bandstand— marvel over Castella de Aguada, Mt. Mary Basilica and the famous St. Andrew’s church. ShahRukh lovers can turn their heads and swoon at Mannat for a bit, while the foodies can enjoy lip-smacking local delicacies -Best of both world, we say!.

Photo 26-04-15 5 51 30 pm
Travellers Enjoying The Jewish Heritage Walk

With her knack for discovering the lesser known parts of the city, she created the “Jewish heritage walk- Shalom Mumbai” where she takes you around Colaba with a Jewish twist!

She takes you through a journey into the Jewish history, the traditions and their culture. Taking this tour with her will make you realise how little you knew about the first foreign religion that was introduced in India.

It is beautiful to know and tell the most unheard stories” she says, “Not a lot of people are aware about the Jewish culture in Mumbai. Having come to India about 2000 years back, the religion is still untouched. My tour is about exploring the rich Jewish heritage that is nestled quietly in one of the busiest areas of Mumbai.”

A travel enthusiast and a culture buff, Sherpa Stacy has an interesting storehouse of tales to tell you. Make sure you ask her for the stories and she would give you an inside peep into urban legends and fables!

Follow Sherpa Stacy on the trail to explore Bandra – the local style with —

Experience Bandra tour

Or live a part of the Jewish heritage with

Shalom Mumbai

Looking for a similar tour in Delhi? Check out Sherpa Amrita’s “Explore Tibetan food and culture tour”. We also have more local tours in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru – Check out our entire lineup here. We are on a mission to save the world from tourist traps, help us accomplish this mission! If you know places in your city that no one really does, you could be a Sherpa too! Visit our website and download the SeekSherpa app. Stay tuned, we have a lot of cool things coming your way!

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