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Sherpa Snigdha is back!

After more than a month long hiatus, our favourite Sherpa is back! Sherpa Snigdha had a great time taking out the gang for a tour to some of Delhi’s richest tombs and gardens.

Sherpa Snigdha At Lodhi Road Tour

From Lodhi Gardens to the Tombs of Humayun, get a whirlwind view of Lodhi’s history in Delhi! IMG_7301 The walk from Humanyun’s tomb to Lodi Garden and then Meherchand market presents Delhi in a microcosm from the pre-Mughal days, to the Mughal, Colonial and modern days.

Sherpa Snigdha At Lodhi Road Tour

After taking you through the history and architecture of Humanyun’s tomb, I will show you a bit of Nizamuddin – not only to introduce you to its history of Sufism but also to talk about its current position in the city’s urban landscape as an area which offers shelter to the poor while at the same time, sharing its boundaries with one of the most posh localities in town. Moving onto Lodi Garden and then the Meherchand market, be prepared to walk through a bit of local contemporary culture, talking about the rise of New Delhi as can be seen in several government buildings in the area, arts and theatre centers in IHC and IIC. Also, there will be snacks at the Meherchand market for all to wind down with after the tour. Book her tour at now!

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