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#RedefiningTravel – The Zostel Experience

In our latest new series after the #SherpaStories streak of awesome possum stories we ran, we bring to you the series called #RedefiningTravel where SeekSherpa works closely with value creators in the travel economy in exploring how they are redefining travel.

Your brand, value creation channel, company, product, or service could be of any space or size or shape or reality. The true mission that the entity needs to have is that of #RedefiningTravel. Your entity could be making it easier, faster, better, or cheaper but in essence it needs to have the inherent urge to #RedefineTravel.

Our first case study of #RedefiningTravel was the latest bastion of cheap, affordable, and comfortable accommodation and an experience to go with it – Zostel.



A clever play on the word hostel, Zostel is attempting to recreate the european backpacking dream in India for both Indian residents as well as foreign visitors.  Begun in Rajasthan, per their website the chain of hostels is present in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra, Delhi, Goa, & Varanasi.

Zostel receives backpackers, travel bloggers, photographers, & travel enthusiasts of both Indian and foreign origin as its primary clientele. The key take away is the environment and atmosphere the guests are welcomed into. The sheer popularity & vibe of the hostels makes it the perfect place to meet with other like-mind travellers. According to Zostel – “The exchange of stories and experiences that take place in the common room on a daily basis is something one can write a book on.” We’re waiting in line for that!

But the question remains – what does Zostel do that stretches the realm of travel? 

In a nutshell you get all the below for as low as INR 499 a night. Beat that.

- Free Wi-Fi and desktop access
- Free city walks & travel advice
- Clean beds & washrooms along with linen
- Separate lockers
- Kitchen to order
- And the cherry on top – in case a traveller plans to come back to Zostel then he/she can leave their luggage behind (securely), to make rest of their journey light and recollect it when back.
Zostel Delhi Suite


Zostel Delhi Dorm
We certainly feel like going out and booking one now just to enjoy the experience of staying at a Zostel!
Zostel Collage
Zostel Delhi Common Room
Wondering what their travellers have to say? This will blow your mind.
Moreover, apart from giving travellers a great time, Zostel is promoting the spirit of travel entrepreneurship. The #BeYou incubation program is a witness of that. It’s a program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs setup their own Zostel. The company made the bold move of making all plans and pitches completely public. This is their dedication towards spreading the ease of travel through out India.
Zostel is fast becoming a cauldron where cultures from across the world unite. Zostel reported having hosted 3 travel fans who toke a road trip and covered west-east corridor of India on an Auto Rickshaw & a bunch of Swedish guys who met each other at Zostel & took a road trip to Ladakh!

How did it all start? According to Zostel – “The inspiration of Zostel came during an Europe based internship exchange program. While backpacking there the gap of cheap, yet reliable accommodations in India was felt. That’s how back home Zostel was kick started.”
What’s next? An ambitious target – In the next 3 months Zostel will be across 25 cities & by the end of the year it would have gone overseas. SeekSherpa wishes them the best of luck and is fully behind them in this journey!
What are you waiting for? Go, live Zostel. :)

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