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#RedefiningTravel – How Moustache hostel is coming up as a classy alternative to the shady budget hotels in Delhi!

Arjun Singh walked from England to Australia over 3 years, Paul Hammond cycled across half the world, Edwina Laycock volunteered at orphanages like Salaam Baalak Trust, Amy Dahmen completed 300-hour yoga training courses. All of these personalities stayed at Moustache hostel during these missions. That’s saying something.

When you ask Amber Jalan, the founder of Moustache Hostel in New Delhi & Jaipur about what inspired him to setup Moustache – a very clear and concise answer emerges. “India’s accommodation landscape needed places that offered cheap accommodation that were also clean, safe, trustworthy, transparent, and fun. That’s what Moustache brings to the table and that’s the inspiration behind Moustache. 95% of what’s out there in the budget accommodation space in India is dirty, full of scams, and unsafe. We don’t do kickbacks with taxi drivers, we don’t scam people into buying more, we deliver what we promise to the best of our abilities, and we’re always looking for ways to enhance a traveller’s experience of India.”

Wow. We’re going to support Moustache Hostel all the way in this.

Delhi Moustache Hostel
Moustache Hostel Delhi (Common Room, Dorm, Terrace, Double Bed Room – L to R!

Staying at Moustache hostel is like staying in a melting pot of cultures from across the globe. Moustache hostel hosts travellers from all over the world across all age groups, from 18 to 65. However, mostly travellers at moustache are between the ages of 20-35 and are looking to explore India in their own unique ways. “We’ve had people who’re cycling across the world, walking across the world over 3 years, hitchhiking, and what not. There is no one kind of person staying with us at any point.”

Jaipur Moustache Hostels
Moustache Hostel Jaipur (L to R – Double Bed room, Terrace, Dorm, Common Room)

When you stay at Moustache hostel you don’t just get a room, you get an experience. According the Amber “Moustache squarely focuses on the travellers’ experiences by organising both in-house activities like chai making classes, yoga classes, and movie night and also providing opportunities to explore the cities by offering walking tours and travel desk services.” 

So beyond your FREE –

  1. WiFi,
  2. Breakfast,
  3. Chai,
  4. Unlimited drinking water,
  5. Common rooms,
  6. Terrace garden,
  7. a travel desk
  8. (Whew, that list is long!) 

That comes with just about INR 500 to INR 750 per bed, you can roam freely in the safe neighbourhood that Moustache Hostel is based out of in Delhi.

If you’re looking to travel and make friends with people you would not believe exist, make sure you stay at a Moustache. :)

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