#RedefiningTravel - 5 Instagram feeds that every traveller must follow.

#RedefiningTravel – 5 Instagram feeds that every traveller must follow.

How is a 2 by 2 snap #RedefiningTravel?

From the gluttonous and gorgeous foodies to the wanderlust struck explorers out on a mission, Instagram is a paradise with perfectly square windows into the lives of people who are #RedefiningTravel every day.

We went out and handpicked the awesomest of intagrammers who will make you want to pick up that camera and go clicking and some day you too will be #RedefiningTravel. If you need some travel inspiration, these are the people to look out for.

Instagrammers @muradosmann, @gflandre, @prazakj show their excellence!
Credits – (@muradosmann, @gflandre, @prazakj – Instagram)

1. Murad Osmann: Following his lady love across the world.

Murad Osmann and his wife have immortalized travel and love. Murad’s lens follows her while she takes him by the hand into the most picturesque locations around the world. You can find him on Instagram at the hashtag – #Followmeto

1. Kremlin, Moscow – #Followmeto

A photo posted by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

2. Amber, Jaipur – #Followmeto

3. Jumbo King, Hong Kong – #Followmeto

4. The wedding photo – #Followmeto

2. Guillaume Flandre: Defining Paris beyond postcards

To Guillaume Flandre (@Gflandre) every lane and building in Paris is like a postcard. He takes his camera away from the popular locations and captures the everyday beauty of his city from different angles and perspectives.  Watch his feed for the most mind blowing reflections.

A still of a carousel and a fiat, around Saint Paul.

#paris #carousel #car #fiat

A photo posted by Guillaume Flandre (@gflandre) on

  Look beyond the surface and into the reflection.

A photo posted by Guillaume Flandre (@gflandre) on

Apparently, Eiffel tower is not the only romantic location around Paris. They are hidden in every nook and cranny, and Guillaume made it a mission to show his city off to the world. Follow his amazing work here.

#paris #lavillette #bassin #canal #water #reflection #sunrise #morning

A photo posted by Guillaume Flandre (@gflandre) on

3. Paulo del Valle: An insider’s view to Rio

His Instagram description says he is a storyteller, a traveller and an influencer. He couldn’t be more right! His work highlights the hidden locations in Rio telling the untold story of the city he has grown up loving. He shows you Rio through the eyes of a local. Citylights.

This is how the Sunrise from Paulo’s lens looks like.

Follow @paulodelvalle here and watch his feed for some amazing natural scenery in and around Rio de Janeiro.

4. Sezgi Olgac: The picture perfect Istanbul

This beautiful Jazz singer, traveller and photographer made Istanbul her muse. She clicks away into the lanes and the life of this city showing you what her city has to offer. Her feed is like a minimalistic travel photo journal of a local.

Istanbul, being Istanbul.

Istanbul being Istanbul.

A photo posted by ^Sezgi Olgaç^ (@sezgiolgac) on

The window to a window.

Hello from Alaçatı | Alaçatı’dan sevgiler @tektekci #eglencebaslasin

A photo posted by ^Sezgi Olgaç^ (@sezgiolgac) on

The lens is her means to communicate the hidden beauty of Istanbul, its cosy cafes, old style houses and culture to the world. Follow her here.

A photo posted by ^Sezgi Olgaç^ (@sezgiolgac) on

5. Jan Prazak: Into Prague and beyond

Jan Prazak (@prazakj) is a manager with interests ranging from fashion and design to soccer and marketing. His instagram feed reflects this wide array of interests while taking you into the lanes and sceneries of the Prague he grew up in. View his works here on Jan Prazak’s personal site. 

Into the lanes of Prague

Wonder where the trail leads to? Follow him here.

Light up your day by enjoying life with your friends.

A photo posted by Jan Pražák (@prazakj) on

He captures the nature’s Prague through his lens, you will see a lot of Shadow play in his images.

Gorgeous way into the wild and hiding places on your way. #infinityroads

A photo posted by Jan Pražák (@prazakj) on

What is the one thing that is common between all these Instagrammers from across the globe? It is their eye for the hidden haunts around them. They are all wanderers and wonderers lost in their cities with a camera to show the world what they find.

What is your favourite location to go clicking in your city? Let us know in comments below!

Seeksherpa will be curating some awesome insta walks in India very soon for all you lovely people. Hang in there!

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