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SeekSherpa in Mid-day, Mumbai – Kebab Trail and The SoBo Food Bus Tour

(SeekSherpa — January 7, 2016)

 Kebab Trail

When you think of kebabs, the first places to pop up in your head are Lucknow and Delhi. If you want to try some gourmet ones in Mumbai, participate in Kebab Mein Haddi, a food trail hosted by SeekSherpa, that takes you to the back alleys of South Mumbai.

The organisers claim to take you to places that you didn’t know existed, mainly in areas near Bhendi Bazaar and JJ flyover.

What’s on the menu? Everything from Galouti (Gahlawat) and Kakori Kebabs  to Dahi Ke Kebabs for both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians along with main course and dessert. The host, Vishal Bansal, is a foodie who weighed over 150 kilos and indulged in three dinners a day, in his prime.

His quest to find food led him to nondescript destinations with culinary treasures. All the venues are within walking distance of each other. The cost of the tour would include Sherpa’s fee, transport, a bottle of chilled water, and a set of Galouti or Seekh Kebabs (non-veg) at the first stop.

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A 12-hour Food Crawlathon and Food Bus Tour

Now that even pop-ups have become passé , Mumbai foodies have something new to look forward to.. Food guide Vishal Bansal, who organises cullinary tours across the city, is set to host a 12-hour food crawlathon, this weekend that will allow patrons to sample South Mumbai’s best fare including burgers, pizzas and Indian food. The crawl will take place from 10 am to 10 pm and include 24 stops. It will cost between Rs 700 and Rs 1,200. Apart from that there is also Seek Sherpa’s Food Bus tour where you get to taste a dish at each stop, a reserved seat in an AC coach, a bottle of water, sanitiser, tissues, and guidance by chef Amit for Rs 999 per head. The tour, a regular feature in Delhi, finally makes its debut in the city, from Churchgate.

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