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On The Road, With A Sherpa


(SeekSherpa — August 17, 2015)

Two 23-year-olds started SeekSherpa, an online platform, to connect locals with travel enthusiasts by offering them unique tours and travel experiences. Co-founder Dhruv Gupta talks about the six-month-old venture
The next time you travel to a new place, you can choose to not worry about haggling with local tour guides and getting the best out of your trips, thanks to a six-month-old online venture. After establishing a strong base in Delhi and having the services of more than 1,500 (and counting) guides or ‘Sherpas’ at its disposal, SeekSherpa will now roll out full-fledged operations in Mumbai in six weeks. They already have 50 Sherpas registered with them.

For all this and more, founders Dhruv Raj Gupta and Sukhmani Singh have a snowy white hill dog to thank. The 23-year-old friends, who have a shared love for offbeat travel destinations, first thought of the business plan in the middle of the Triund Trek at Dharamsala. “While we were going up a trail, a white hill dog started guiding us up a pathway.

The dog actually barked if we went down the wrong way — it was obvious that the dog knew the hills like a local and enjoyed walking with us,” explains Gupta. “When you are visiting a place and the owner or chef of the hotel you are eating at recommends a place to visit, your trip becomes that much more enhanced.

We felt that we could do the same by connecting a traveller with a local who breathes and lives that place,” points out Gupta, who quit his job at Google to kick-start the venture in February this year. By keeping run-of-the-mill guides and tour companies with vested interests at bay and roping in locals, Gupta and Singh have managed to tap into a previously overlooked market. “The Sherpas are doing it out of their interest,” says the entrepreneur. – See more at: http://www.mid-day.com/articles/on-the-road-with-a-sherpa/15535180#sthash.dA4j5mt1.dpuf

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