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From the page to the stage: 360 Thespian – The backstage tour!

The curtains are drawn apart revealing the beautifully illuminated stage, the flawlessly dressed actors walk in with perfect timing and the play rolls out keeping you glued to your seats. When the curtains are finally drawn leaving the entire audience in applause, are you left wondering how it all happens? How the beautiful play is orchestrated and what is really going on behind the scenes?

Be it rock concerts or plays, backstage is a very important part of the entertainment world and one seldom seen by the public. A part of theatre governed by its own rules of etiquette, the backstage is place of guarded exclusivity where only a select few can enter. Ofcourse, the atmosphere backstage differs from one occasion to the other. But regardless of the event, one thing can be said for all backstages- they separate those who are in from those who are not.

Worry not, however. We are here to give you special access to all the “Behind-the-Scenes” action to one of Delhi’s hottest and the most awaited plays “Chor ki Darhi Mein” Or The Unexpected Virtues of a Master Bungler by At Rise Productions happening on Saturday  30th may at LTG Auditorium!

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Join Sherpa Sanchita on the exciting 360Thespian- The backstage tour where she takes you straight into the inception of all the action you see on stage. The tour is the backstage pass for all you lovers of theatre to see the last minute buzz before the staging of the play “Chor ki Darhi mein”, watch the actors get ready for the Showtime, see how the set is beautifully crafted before going up on the stage and be a part of the hustle bustle with the cast and crew of At Rise Productions.

Once behind the scenes Sherpa Sanchita walks you through various parts of the backstage, showing you the process of production. She takes you through the details of how layers of light and sound are added before the show is revealed to the audience. This is your chance to know how much rehearsal really goes in before the actors deliver their  beautifully written lines one stage!

Chor ki Darhi mein or The unexpected virtues of a master bungler is a whacky adaptation of Dario Fo’s brilliant farcical comedy ‘Non tutti i ladri vengono a nuocere’. Set in Dhruv Gupta’s upscale Delhi apartment, Chor ki darhi mei is the story of a master bungler. Oops! We mean burglar. Sign up for the tour and get FRONT ROW SEATS to all the action.

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With this tour you get a chance to interact with the cast and crew of At Rise Production- a bunch of dynamic, bold and creative individuals delivering fresh professional drama with a youthful twist. Laced with unapologetic humour, the theatre at At Rise Production is sure to leave you in fits of laughter!

Hear the story of Chor ki darhi mein from the page to the stage, with some amazing acting and interesting storyline on May30th, at the snazzy Little Theatre Group auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House.

Find out how the real theatre scene in Delhi looks like.

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