Delhi, here are 4 awesome ways to get your Holi da rang! - SeekSherpa

Delhi, here are 4 awesome ways to get your Holi da rang!

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White or Gold? Black or Blue? Who cares? Holi Hai!

Holi is India’s La Tomatina, an occasion for everybody to drown each other in a deluge of colored water, or rub others’ faces with gulaal (colored powder with a thick texture) until they’re literally different shades of red, yellow, & green! Holi is special for a lot of people in a lot of ways, and it’s become a hallmark of Indian festival celebration because of one reason only – the colors.

So we put together a quick list of places in Delhi where you can buy Holi colors to make sure you’ve got your swag on!

  1. Your friendly neighborhood shopkeeper 

Yep, shopkeepers are an enterprising bunch and odds are pretty high that the local toy salesman or grocery vendor (it’s true!) has specially commisioned a slick inventory of laal, kaala, neela just for you! There are a couple of downsides to buying holi color from the Mother Dairy guy two blocks away though; you’re unlikely to get very good quality (Holi colors often have a chemical base that can leave nasty rashes) or good prices (the middleman effect)!

  1. Go wholesale!

For those of you with a bit of time and a penchant for adventure, head over to Sadar Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, or even Dilli Haat-INA for an entire array of holi color options ranging from organic rose-petal scented gulaal to a wicked bottle of black grease. Fair warning – a lot of good hearted people get into the mood a couple of days early, so make sure you don’t have your best suit on!

  1. Home delivery

Yes you read that correct – getting Holi colors is now as easy as ordering a pizza, courtesy online shopping merchants like Snapdeal, Amazon, & Flipkart. Compare across different options, choose some crazy combinations, sit back & wait for your Holi basket to arrive. We’d probably do it the old fashioned way but e-commerce has its own charm, eh?

  1. Play it safe

Different holi colors mirror the many ways that those colors are made, and some of those are often safer and gentle on the skin than the rest. They are also made more lovingly, like the products under Ecoexist’s natural holi campaign, or Organica’s eponymous series of safe Holi hues, or even Swarang’s self made selection. A little pricey but worth the effort!

Still not sure where to get the best “rang” for your buck? Why not try a shopping tour and we’ll ensure our Sherpa tries their best to bring you a ‘colorful’ experience. Head over to to view and book all our unique Delhi experiences!

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