Musical Staycation – Tarkash performing live in Gurgaon!

Head out for an awesome weekend getaway that leaves you wanting more!

What is in an ideal weekend plan? A movie? Dinner date? Shopping? What if you have something better than all of this combined?

When words fail, music speaks. For all the music lovers out there, be it Indie, Sufi, Bollywood, Retro or mixed genres, Select Resorts presents a Musical Staycation like never before!

Are you excited? Presenting:

Soul Stirring Saturdays  Tarkash

 Soul Stirring Saturdays @ 12, 500 + Taxes

But it’s Gurgaon, and late nights? – Well, we have got you covered. Call a dedicated room in a Heritage Village Resort your home for the weekend!

But..where’s the food? – Again, we have got you covered. Buffet Meals(Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner!), Snacks and Beverages(Even Alcoholic!) are on the house. Err, in this case, on the resort.

Can you tell me more about the band? Tarkash, The name has been derived from a Devnagari word – तरकश, meaning Basket/Container of the Arrows(tir) used by the warriors. Like a bag full of arrows, the band members have varied music tastes and inspirations. Initially started by Vibhor and Sidaque, the band has grown in numbers and popularity. With some of their favorite bands and artists being Coldplay, Dream Theater, Opeth, AR Rahman, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Arijit Singh and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the band covers Bollywood music to give it a Sufi and Blues touch. From the crowd favorite blues version of ‘Sanu ek Pal’ to 80s Retro Bollywood hits, they can play it all!

What does the Heritage Village Resort look like? – Here you go:

What are the live shows like?

Tarkash Live at Select Heritage Resort
I don’t wanna miss a thing!
Tarkash Live at Select Heritage Resort (2)
A Sky full of Stars!


Tarkash Live at Select Heritage Resort (3)
Inspired by Keith Moon
Tarkash Live at Heritage Resort (4)
Dance The Night Away

Convinced? Book here – 011-66764115 or click here!

Here, we leave you with a video of their live performance. Enjoy!

Come as you are to fall in love with a night full of energetic music, luxury stays and unforgetful memories!

Convinced? Book here – 011-66764115 or click here!

Soul Stirring Saturdays are presented and operated by Select Hotels

3 Musical Staycations You Cannot Afford To Miss This Month!

Rock lovers in love with the all new vernacular fusion indie scene across India!

Here’s your chance to live in the moment as you see some of India’s greatest bands grow and emerge out of the ashes of many sleepless night spent writing and scripting their great melodies.

Be a complete roadie with Rocknaama as they power up to perform all night for you at the Heritage Village Resort & Spa, Manesar by Select Hotels!

electric_guitar_vector_6815902 27th August Rocknaama

And here’s the cool part, you get to live life to the fullest when you stay overnight at the Heritage Village Resort & Spa along with the stars!

What’s so cool about that? Imagine a grand Rajasthani Haveli style resort with all the modern amenities hosting an Indie Rock concert for you!

Ready? Presenting…

Rocknaama FB Ad

Soul Stirring Saturdays @ INR 12,500 + taxes

A quick musical staycation at the Heritage property with a rock band playing all night for you while the food and beverages flow non stop! Limited rooms only, duh! :)


- Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.17.14 PM  Accommodation in well-appointed rooms

- Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.18.58 PM Breakfast, lunch & dinner buffet meals

- music-vector-62 Passes to the in-house musical rock band show, snacks & beverages (including alcoholic)

Organizer – Select Hotels

Convinced? Book here – 011-66764115 or click here!


Here’s what one of the attendees told us – Mr. Sunil – “Excellent, beyond imagination! Special thanks to Mr. Gopal and team. I’ve been to many properties, but this was by far one of the best. Hospitality was very warm. Music was excellent, will be back soon!”

Here’s what one of the attendees told us – Mr. Sumit – “Awesome place to have a relaxed event, staff was very good, budget for 2 persons was perfect! Very good experience! Will come again in September!”

Can’t make it? We’ve got more staycations coming up -

electric_guitar_vector_6815902 10th September with “Tarkash” the band playing!

electric_guitar_vector_681590224th September with “Aayudh” the band playing!

Soul Stirring Saturdays are presented and operated by Select Hotels!

Proof of the pudding is in the tasting! Have a look at some amazing shots from previous nights –


The entire gang.



When you fall in love with the sound of your own voice


Subdued applause before you get comfy enough to let your hair down


When you feel like Jay Z.


The humble beginning.

A Micro Tour To MARS!


For the past 6 months we have been focussing all our efforts on connecting travellers and locals over cool local tours that bring alive a place like you’ve never ever imagined it. Chandni Chowk to China, we’ve got it all. If you’re looking to do a 3 AM shopping tour you’ll even find that. Our Sherpas work hard to create these tours and work day in and day out figuring out what’s the best way to show you around in the city.

But, with time, we’ve realised, there’s only that much fun one can have touring on earth. If you really have to experience a tour, you have to be courageous enough to do so anywhere in the world.

Ever since Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon and made history, our generations have been wondering when will we take the next “small step” and with the launch of Mangalyaan at a cost of less than INR 5/Km beating all cab companies hands down, we felt it’s high time somebody took that small step on Mars.

With this we’re launching sign ups for our first tour on Mars! If you want to be the first one on a Micro tour in Mars click here!

Link not working? It’s probably because this offer is only for those who have first gone on a tour on Earth.

Book your first earth tour here!

8 MUST know Hindi phrases before visiting India

Here’s a fun fact.

India has 22 official languages as recognised in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution. 

22 languages! That’s ridiculous, by any stretch of the imagination. But before you panic and buy “Telugu for Dummies” (Telugu is a regional language mostly spoken in Andhra Pradesh, a state in South India) – remember that a working knowledge of Hindi should get you through most interactions with locals (without prejudice to anybody’s mother tongue)

And so the good people here at SeekSherpa put together a quick list of 8 Hindi phrases that will get you through the mother of all interactions – a shopping expedition! This is especially useful if you decide to roll up the sleeves and hit the microcosms of Indian cultural beauty like Dilli Haat, Sadar Bazaar, or Chandni Chowk, etc.  If you manage to sneak a nice discount, be sure to let us know!


1. Namaste – Hindi for Hola/ Hello / Bonjour/ Konnichiwa.  It’s always best to start a conversation with a polite namaste and you could get responses ranging from an amused smirk to an equally effusive “aapko bhi” (Hello to you too). Either way, making friends never hurt anybody!  Accompanying gestures – Folded hands, holier than thou smile, and the occasional wink   Alternate uses – Saying ‘sup’ to the Yoga class instructor, or as an alternative to “bless you” when somebody sneezes. (Disclaimer : Don’t take these seriously)

2. Aap Kaisay Hain ? – Literally translates to “how are you?”. Our hunch says that this too could bring in responses as varied as a bear hug or a suspicious stare. But stick with being the good guy initially. Accompanying gestures – Raised eyebrow (just one, preferably the left one), smaller smile, and loose body language. Alternate uses – Polite inquiries into people’s health, or the colour of their washing machine

3. Yeh Kaisa Diya - The most important question! Translates to “how much?”. Nail it with a perfect combination of  curiosity yet assertion, you’ll probably never get duped. Act too innocent – they might just take advantage of you.  Accompanying gestures – Hand outstretched with the item displayed clearly. Avoid eye contact to show that you’re not too bothered with the response. Alternate uses – Asking somebody their age, or whether their kidney is for sale. Make sure you point at the kidney first, though.

So, here’s where it gets interesting. Once you ask a shopkeeper “how much / yeh kaisa diya ” – there are typically 3 responses to expect. One, the quoted price is a steal (this rarely happens), or the price is kind of high (about 20% more than what you’d expect to pay), and finally, the shopkeeper just said something outrageous, like a thousand bucks for a bottle of water (Fair warning – they will try.)

Each of these situations calls for a delicate balance between action and emotion to make sure you walk away with the upper hand in the bargain –

If the quoted price is too low to be true –

4. Shukriya –  Means ” Thank you.” Quickly mutter this and make an exit before the shopkeeper realises that he could’ve gotten you for more.  Accompanying gestures – None! Unless you’re worried about the purchase being a fake, then you could give him a death stare. Alternate uses – Whenever somebody opens the door for you or gives you the key to their bank account, no questions asked.

If the price is about 20% higher than what you’d be willing to pay.

5. Accha - Kind of in the same rhythm as “okay” or “hmm.” Gives both of you time to consider your next move. Accompanying gestures – A slight nod of the head with a thoughtful expression like you’re actually considering the offer. (This is important to throw him off his game) Alternate uses – If somebody makes you an offer you can(‘t) refuse! Or pair it up with the word “hai” to form “accha hai”, which means “It’s good.” Show everybody your appreciative side with accha hai.

6. Kam Karo - After giving the intended bargain due consideration – the most befitting response is to ask for less, right ? Use kam karo (reduce it) to stamp your authority. Accompanying gestures – Clenched fist and blood rushing to your head  Alternate uses – If the music gets too loud or to complain about the weather (plead with the elements!)

If the quote is JUST OUTRAGEOUS –

7. Seedha dey bey - ” Play it straight dude.” This will definitely ensure that you prove yourself as somebody not to mess with. It puts you in the same mental category as a local (because they don’t know you have SeekSherpa swag !) Accompanying gestures – A calm demeanour with an icy cold voice (even if you’re raging inside!) Alternate uses – To keep an errant taxi driver in check


8. Alvida – Goodbye! Tata! Asta la vista, baby! You know when you can’t win, so walk out with your head held high. Chances are they’ll come chasing after. Accompanying gestures – A crinkled nose, pursed lips, and audible signs of irritation. Alternate uses – Alvida has positive connotations too! Use it for dramatic effect during a teary goodbye with your local host or Sherpa.

Found this guide useful? We’ve put together a bunch of other cool stuff that you can check out – like medical checks, must packs, visa guidelines, and bargaining techniques for travellers to India ! Or if you’re still not feeling confident, why not check out our list of micro-tours that not only guarantee you a unique perspective of the city, but also quality time with a passionate local who would be more than happy to help in whatever way they can!

You can also check out the SeekSherpa list of things to do in Delhi here and in Mumbai here. Keep checking back for other awesome stuff like Sherpa Stories coming soon!

Here’s why Nizamuddin Dargah is one of the coolest monuments you always forgot to see

At SeekSherpa we’re on a mission. To help you (re)discover a city like never before, through the eyes of a local. The reason why this is super cool is simple.

Our Sherpas have spent time and effort to explore their city in different ways. They’re curious, interesting, and awesome people who like to meet others and talk about the things they’ve learnt about the lesser known places in their city. Like the Nizamuddin Dargah.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is the mausoleom of Auliya – the renowned Sufi saint who cursed the Tughlaqabad Fort (We’re serious). It also houses the tombs of Amir Khusro (kinda like the Shakespeare of medieval Persia, also known as the ‘father of the qawwali’) and Jahanara Begum (eldest daughter of the most romantic couple in Mughal India – Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal). Just around the corner lie the tomb of Mirza Ghalib (surely you’ve heard of ol’ MG – uber poet and generally a nice guy) and the Nizamuddin Baoli ( there’s some pretty interesting history there too!). The fact that a bunch of guys get together and create beautiful music – read qawwali, inside the Dargah from time to time is just the icing on the cake.

Continue reading “Here’s why Nizamuddin Dargah is one of the coolest monuments you always forgot to see”

5 Medical Checks you NEED before travelling to India

Vaccine Medical Check India


We wholeheartedly believe that India is a beautiful and diverse country with an endless list of things to see, eat, touch, feel, and breathe. But to really enjoy your visit, you need to make sure that you’re feeling hail, hearty, and ready to take over the world. So to prevent those sudden stomach bugs, attacks of flu, or something even more serious, we spoke to a bunch of experts to arrive at this medical checklist that you must keep in mind before travelling to India –

  1. Vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, diphtheria,etc.

This is a basic precaution recommended to keep you safe from all of those scary sounding illnesses regardless of where you go, and especially if you’re likely to be cruising in remote areas without emergency medical attention facilities.

  1. Vaccines for diseases transmitted through food and water

Indian food is delicious. It has exotic flavors, pungent spices, and diverse textures. In some very rare cases, there is a chance, and this is true especially for lesser known establishments or semi-urban/rural areas, that the hygiene conditions are a little awry. Make sure that you’re protected against diseases like typhoid, Hepatitis A, and cholera, although curative medication is usually available without hassle.

  1. Vaccines for diseases transmitted through touch, insect bite, or other

Malaria is rare in India but can arise in North Eastern parts like Assam. Dengue can become common during monsoon season even in metropolitans like Delhi & Mumbai, so keep lots of paracetamol handy – although papaya leaves are a homegrown remedy that work like a charm. India is polio-free and NOT at risk for yellow fever – although you may be required to furnish an YFV certificate if you’re travelling from parts of Africa or Central America.

  1. Everyday medication for fever, colds, stomach bugs, etc.

Foreign travellers sometimes prefer carrying their own brand of medication for everyday illnesses and this is recommended especially if you’re off on a trek to the Himalayas or hell bent on discovering the North East like never before or other remote areas where medical facilities are not the best.

  1. Traveller specific vaccines & safety precautions

While we’ve tried our best to cover everything, the above list is not exhaustive, so be sure to check in with your GP about medication specific to you and it’s best that you carry that in your travel kit!

Still not sure about how to keep your India journey sickness-free? You can write in to us with specific queries anytime and we’d be happy to help! Download our apps on the Play Store and App Store for information on SeekSherpa micro-tours, post questions, and to interact with like-minded travellers! You can also visit us at and check out city specific tours at

Delhi, here are 4 awesome ways to get your Holi da rang!

Holi seeksherpa tours

White or Gold? Black or Blue? Who cares? Holi Hai!

Holi is India’s La Tomatina, an occasion for everybody to drown each other in a deluge of colored water, or rub others’ faces with gulaal (colored powder with a thick texture) until they’re literally different shades of red, yellow, & green! Holi is special for a lot of people in a lot of ways, and it’s become a hallmark of Indian festival celebration because of one reason only – the colors.

So we put together a quick list of places in Delhi where you can buy Holi colors to make sure you’ve got your swag on!

  1. Your friendly neighborhood shopkeeper 

Yep, shopkeepers are an enterprising bunch and odds are pretty high that the local toy salesman or grocery vendor (it’s true!) has specially commisioned a slick inventory of laal, kaala, neela just for you! There are a couple of downsides to buying holi color from the Mother Dairy guy two blocks away though; you’re unlikely to get very good quality (Holi colors often have a chemical base that can leave nasty rashes) or good prices (the middleman effect)!

  1. Go wholesale!

For those of you with a bit of time and a penchant for adventure, head over to Sadar Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, or even Dilli Haat-INA for an entire array of holi color options ranging from organic rose-petal scented gulaal to a wicked bottle of black grease. Fair warning – a lot of good hearted people get into the mood a couple of days early, so make sure you don’t have your best suit on!

  1. Home delivery

Yes you read that correct – getting Holi colors is now as easy as ordering a pizza, courtesy online shopping merchants like Snapdeal, Amazon, & Flipkart. Compare across different options, choose some crazy combinations, sit back & wait for your Holi basket to arrive. We’d probably do it the old fashioned way but e-commerce has its own charm, eh?

  1. Play it safe

Different holi colors mirror the many ways that those colors are made, and some of those are often safer and gentle on the skin than the rest. They are also made more lovingly, like the products under Ecoexist’s natural holi campaign, or Organica’s eponymous series of safe Holi hues, or even Swarang’s self made selection. A little pricey but worth the effort!

Still not sure where to get the best “rang” for your buck? Why not try a shopping tour and we’ll ensure our Sherpa tries their best to bring you a ‘colorful’ experience. Head over to to view and book all our unique Delhi experiences!

We’ve also got something special always going on in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. You can check out all those tours & more at

Travelling to India in the Summer? Here are 5 Things you can’t forget to pack!

Travelling to Summer In India

Travelling to India in the Summer? Here are 5 Things you can’t forget to pack!

India is mysterious, charming, and takes your breath away like no other country can. But India is also hot and humid (often at the same time), not exactly super-hygienic, and potentially frustrating if you don’t pack the right stuff! While almost everything is available to shop in the bigger cities, it doesn’t hurt to make some arrangements at your end too. Here’s a list of essential things to keep in mind when travelling to India –

  1. Hand sanitizers, wet wipes, & sun-screen

In India most places get very sunny during the day and it’s often handy to have sunscreen and wet tissues on hand to prevent nasty sunburn & heatstrokes. Also if you’re planning to use public transport a lot, hand sanitizers will go a long way in insulating you from communicable diseases.

  1.  Plug adapters & Voltage converters

Plug points in India come in different shapes and sizes, so packing in adapters suited to two or three pronged plugs doesn’t hurt. Having said that, if you touch down in any of the bigger cities, it’s super easy to find universal multi-plug setups at an electronics/general store that will take care of any of your devices!

  1. Super light linen clothing plus headgear & sunglasses

Remember – pack bright colored clothes that are light and won’t wear you down on particularly hot days. Also if you plan to visit temples, mosques, gurdwaras, or other religious structures, it’s always convenient to have your own ‘kerchief to cover your head. They usually won’t let you in without it!

  1.  Print-outs of plane/train/bus tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

Yes this one’s kinda obvious but Wi-Fi connectivity is an issue in some places and you don’t want to be stranded, hoping for three yellow bars to come alive on your phone/laptop. Make sure everything is properly kept and don’t lose the bag with all the info! When in India you can download the IRCTC app and Delhi Metro app to make sure everything’s on time.

  1. Sturdy shoes, backpack, pen knife, medical kit and the works

India’s come a long way over the past few decades and your trip is highly unlikely to be a basic fight for survival against snakecharmers and cows on the road with only quack hakims to give medicine, but we’d still recommend a few basic utilities on hand to ensure that there’s smooth sailing from start to finish.

Last but not the least, if you’re in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Bengaluru – you have to try the SeekSherpa tours in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Bengaluru. View more here!

Sleeping in on Saturday? Wake up, there are 19 amazing tours to catch!

Sleeping in on Saturday? Wake up, there are 19 amazing tours to catch!

Hey there Delhi, Mumbai, & Bengaluru! Yes, you read the title correctly. Come 28th February, we have 19 tours going up with more than a 100 seats up for grabs across these 3 cities. So you could either sleep in, watch some TV, and grab a pizza like always, or you can wake up, bring on the hustle and do #delhidifferently #mumbaimagically and #bengalurubeautifully through our micro tours conducted by awesome Sherpas! The choice is yours. Book fast because seats are filling up!

We’ve handpicked a few tours for those of you too lazy to even go through our recommended section! For a full list, be sure to check out

  1. Tours in Delhi

History buff with a flair for photography? Humayun’s Tomb is a maze of pathways, each one adorned with beautiful architecture and with a special story to tell. Sherpas Ananya, Medha, & Harsha each try to put the most ardent historians to shame with their very own Humayun’s Tomb experiences designed to enamor and educate at the same time.

You can view and book Ananya’s Humayun’s Tour here!

Humayun's Tomb Tour With Sherpa Ananya

You can view and book Medha’s top selling tour here!

Humayun's Tomb Delhi Tour With Sherpa Medha

You can view and book Harsha’s experience here!

History Tour With Sherpa Harsha



  1. Mumbai Tours!

Cycling tour? Got your game face on? Bring it (and a pair of sports sneakers) while cycling around Mumbai with Sherpa Neha. She promises a taste of the sea, a glimpse of history, and a scent of Bollywood! You can view and book Neha’s experience here!

Sherpa Neha's Mumbai Cycling Tour

You can view and book Neha’s experience here!

Food Tour of Mumbai? As the sun sets, keep the adventure alive and kicking with the dangerous dining experience at Dongri and Bohari Mohalla with our super brave Sherpa Atash. What starts at McDonald’s finishes with meat stew! Muahahaha! You can view and book Atash’s Mumbai Food Tour here!

Mumbai Food Tour With Sherpa Atash

You can view and book Atash’s experience here!

  1. Bengaluru

For our buddies down South, we hand over the reins to the capable hands of Sherpa Krisha, a lady with a vision for her favorite city, and a mission to help you explore it! The aim of her tour is a power-packed high speed download on the roots of Bengaluru wherein she touches one place after the other every 30 minutes. Try to keep up! You can view and book Krisha’s experience here!

Bengaluru History Tour

You can view and book Krisha’s experience here!

Still didn’t find something that made you go WOW? We’ve got an entire lineup of micro tours in Delhi, Bengaluru, & Mumbai to keep you busy for a long long time. Check them out at or at

Fight It Out For The World’s Best Food Bhavan Crawl!

SeekSherpa Amazing Bhavans Crawl

Are you good enough to do “India On A Plate” for real? 

Delhi boasts of Bhavans from across our country – Kashmir to Kanyakumari – which in turn have their own special canteens that give awesome food. But, till date, nobody has had the courage to setup an amazing, gastronomically gorgeous food crawl across the Bhavans of India, and we’re here to do just that! Dilli ki chaat, Dilli ka butter chicken, & Dilli ki daal are now done with!

Welcome to the Amazing Bhavan Crawl (ABC) Competition!

The aim? - Create & Host the best Food Bhavan Crawl in New Delhi!

The Process?

  1. List your tour at and add “ABC Comp” in the name of the tour in the suffix. THIS IS IMPORTANT for us to know you are applying for the competition, the deadline is 31st March for the tour listing.
  2. SeekSherpa will review the micro tours listed and select those that qualify for hosting
  3. On a mutually convenient date you will be invited to host your tour for the judges and other reviewers. All consumables per your tour will be paid for by the SeekSherpa team
  4. Your tour will be heavily photo and video graphed after which it will be put to a vote either publicly or within an exclusive reviewer set
  5. The tour that wins will be featured on SeekSherpa and other ticketing partners and will be open for bookings per your availability schedule
  6. Keep in mind the tour guidelines at and get inspired from other food tours here.

What’s in it for you? -

  • Win goodies worth INR 7500 for the tour. These goodies will be a mix of cash equivalent vouchers, travel vouchers, e-commerce vouchers etc.
  • Get featured as “Delhi’s Ultimate Food Crawler”
  • Host your tour with SeekSherpa + Ticketing parners

Know about how other Sherpas have setup food tours here!

T&Cs apply – Visit for the full list!