Best Ramzan food in India! (A Foodie’s analysis)

Numerous posts are available online that talk about Ramzan in India, and food that is on offer in various cities across India during Ramzan. As a foodie, I have always wondered which is the best city to be in for a Iftar food walk, and I intend to settle this debate for once and for all – by comparing 4 cities in India that have the best Ramzan food on offer. Are you ready for a comparative analysis of the best of the best? Here goes:


1. Delhi:

The first and arguably the strongest contender on the list is the capital city of Delhi. In the capital, we talk about only the area surrounding the largest mosque outside of Israel in Asia, our very own Jama Masjid. During Ramzan, the food on offer around Jama Masjid (read Matia Mahal) is to die for. The area is lit on usual days, come the festivities, there is nothing as colorful and full of natural aromas as Old Delhi.

The colors and lights of Matia Mahal
The colors and lights of Matia Mahal

The nature of Ramzan Food: Matia Mahal has various street restaurants where you get special Iftaar food to break your fast. Ranging from dates imported from the middle east, to Mohabbat ka Sharbat (milk watermelon Rooh afza), Anjeer Shake, Paneer Jalebi, Keema and Khoya Samosa to the usual spread of Kebabs, tikkas, nihari, shirmal and biryani – the options will make your mouth salivate.

Ramzan special Chicken
Butter Cream Chicken Tikka is a delight never to be missed!(Source)

Value for Money: When it comes to Value for money, Old Delhi is the best of the lot. The Ramzan food available in the area will set you back by only INR 300-400 per person for moderate level foodies with non vegetarian food. For extreme foodies, this amount could go upto INR 600-700 per person, but not more.

Crowd and Feel: The crowd around Jama Masjid makes the atmosphere even better. From families that have come out to break their roza during Ramzan, to group of friends, you will find all sorts of people eating Matia Mahal in and out.

SeekSherpa Hidden Haunt: Anjeer Shake at Cool Point is one of the most underrated yet unmissable delicacies.


2. Mumbai

The place to be in Mumbai during Ramzan is Mohammed Ali Road near Minara Masjid, and Bohari Mohalla. Both of these areas primarily serve street food, and these are probably the only areas where you will find quality Ramzan food, as well North Indian delicacies throughout the year. The area around Minara Masjid at Mohd. Ali Road is the best place to start with.

The nature of Ramzan Food: Special Ramzan Food in the area has some Parsi influence, as well as some unique dishes that you might not find throughout the city. From quirky dishes like a tongue soup or bhejha fry to sweet idli-like Sandan, egg malpua, kebabs, tandoori quail, aflatoon, phirni, masala milk, mawa jalebi and hand churned ice-cream, the spread here is vast and in a way even better than Delhi. The food taste however varies and some might prefer Ramzan food in Delhi due to its more authentic nature.

Ramzan street food in Mumbai
Egg Malpuas being fried at Mohd Ali Road

Value for Money: Compared to Delhi, the food is a tad bit costlier. To enjoy the full spread in Ramzan, one must be ready to shell out about INR 600-700 per person, and for extreme foodies, the amount may go upto INR 1000 per person.

Crowd and Feel: The crowd around the area gathers right after sunset and Iftar. Although Minara Masjid is also an important place, the shear numbers at Jama Masjid outweigh it by a mile (a blessing in disguise?). Like the food and the city, the crowd is also cosmopolitan and there’s variety in terms of the people as well.

SeekSherpa Hidden Haunt: One might consider Mohd. Ali Road to be the end of the tunnel. However, take out some time and move onto Bohari Mohalla, to find Bara Handi – Meat cooked in 12 different pots burried underground, with different styles of gravies and cuts such as nihari, paya, sookha, nalli and pichota combined to give a gravy based dish that makes you want to bite your fingers.

Bara Handi at Bohri Mohalla
Bara Handi at Surti Bara Handi is Bohri Mohalla’s best kept secret for over 80 years

3. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is arguably the home of Biryani. Many historians have claimed Hyderabad to be the city that gave birth to Biryani when the Nizam ordered his chefs to make it for the common people. Hence, Biryani has been a crowd favorite since ages, and you can expect some of the best biryanis in India to be available in the streets of Hyderabad. Since the area around Charminar is the centre of all street food in the city, Ramzan specific food is also available in the area, with some varieties of Ramzan food that are unique to only Hyderabad.

The nature of Ramzan Food: The food that is available during Ramzan in Hyderbad is plentiful. To start off, many prefer to take a sip of the Irani chai with some Osmania biscuits, or Kahwa(a more traditional drink). For starters and main course, you can get kebabs, tikkas, haleem, paya, nihari, bheja fry, keema samosa, biryani and quirky food like zaban, bheja, gurda, kaleji based gravies. For dessert, you can either try hand churned ice-cream with only natural flavors, or traditional desserts like Qubani ka meetha(a version of apricot pudding), Double ka meetha (fried bread soaked in milk and rabri ),  sevaiyon ka meetha (vermicelli dessert), kheer and Gil-e-firdaus(rice and milk based dish infused with Lauki) apart from the usual shakes to wash down the spicy biryani and kebabs!

Ramzan food walk in Hyderbad kebabs
Moist Kebabs resting after being perfectly grilled!

Value for Money: The food options in Hyderabad vary in terms of price point. For a normal foodie, INR 500-600 per person would suffice. For a hardcore ‘I-want-to-taste-everything’ kind of a person, the amount could go upto INR 800-1000.

Crowd and Feel: The people around the area are very friendly, and Hyderabad is home to a fairly cosmopolitan population as well. People who run restaurants around the area are nice to travelers, and so are the people who have come out to eat. Whilst a lot of people come in order to visit the Charminar or Chowmahalla Palace, many come just to eat their hard out, or shop in the Laad Bazaar, which stays open till midnight!

Food walk participants in Ramzan Food walk
The ever so excited foodies of Hyderabad!(source)

SeekSherpa Hidden Haunt: Apart from authentic Haleem which is only available in Hyderabad, Pathar-ka-ghosht is something that is a novelty in Hyderabad. Rather than cooking the kebabs on a skewer over a flame and tandoor, these kebabs are cooked on a large rock/pathar, and acquire a unique aroma and taste. You can get this at a lot of restaurants, but some of the best tasted kebabs are available at Shadab Restaurant and Bade Miyaan Kebabs.

4. Lucknow

Lucknow, or the city of Nawabs has always been a famous centre point when it comes to food in India. Much like Delhi, you will find an old world charm in the Chowk area in Lucknow, along with traces of Mughal architecture around the city. In retrospect, Awadh has been a stronghold known for various food items, and another contender for the city where biryani originated from. Come Ramzan, Lucknow is lit up, and has amazing street food on offer.

The nature of Ramzan Food: During Ramzan and throughout the year, some of the favorites that are unmissable are the Kebabs at Tunday Kebabi(a food joint famous throughout India among foodies, also has a cult following as people swear that it has the best Galouti kebabs in India), Awadhi Biryani, kebabs, Qorma and Zafrani Pulav. Apart from this, you can get Khajur Ghosht, Rogan josh,  Shammi, Boti, Kakori and Fish kebabs. For dessert, you can always fall back on matka kulfi served from earthern pots topped with vermicelli, phirni, jalebis or Ramzan food like shaak or bouchnika.

Ramzan Food walk in Chowk area Lucknow
Tunday Kebabi in Chowk area serving kebabs!(source)

Value for Money: Like other places mentioned above, Lucknow is also not that hefty on the pocket. A normal foodie can expect the food to cost around INR 400-500 per person, and hardcore foodies can enjoy the dishes by shelling out around INR 700-800 per person.

Crowd and Feel: The tehzeeb people have in Lucknow means you can count on everyone being friendly! The area is frequented by group of friends, families and people from all around the city – because of the famous food in the area. During Ramzan, the food here is unmissable, and hence you can expect some crowd in the area!

SeekSherpa Hidden Haunt: The Makhan Malai at Akbar gate is the truest version of icing on the cake. Similar to Daulat ki chaat in Delhi, Makhan Malai is something every Lucknow resident will swear by. Some may even claim it to beat the flavor of Daulat ki Chaat, since Makhan Malai has a more intense flavor.

Makhan Malai during Ramzan Food Walk in Lucknow
Makhan Malai available in Lucknow!(source)


Verdict: While one may argue that the city they live in has the best food on offer, two cities clearly stand out of the 4 above in terms of culture, heritage, secret recipes, the quality of food available and the variety. Whilst Hyderabad inches close to top in terms of taste, variety and cultural heritage, Delhi is no less in those fields. While Mumbai and Lucknow serve some of the most delectable cuisine around their states, they fall a little short in front of Delhi and Hyderabad. What would you prefer, the Irani chai of Hyderbad or the Butter Tea of Chawri Bazaar? The North Indian Biryani or Hyderabadi Biryani? You decide.

Surprise Hidden Haunt: If whatever you have read salivates you, we are providing a passage to enjoying everything on the menu! SeekSherpa is conducting food walks in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Scroll below to find the links and book your tickets now for a Ramzan Food walk, specially during this month:

1. Delhi Ramzan Food Walk

2. Mumbai Ramzan Food Walk

3. Hyderabad Ramzan Food Walk

Doesn’t this list make you salivate? Head out for a Ramzan Food Walk TODAY!

#TakeOff – Escape to Southeast Asia

#TakeOff – Escape to Southeast Asia

Islands, water and sky. Three top ingredients to making soulful travel memories. 

#Takeoff - Seychelles1
Image Source – 5starseurope

Southeast Asia is home to some of the most beautiful island countries in the world. Presenting 4 amazing and scenic island countries you should not miss!

We’ve got you covered with some amazing deals courtesy Live The World and American Express all through out South East Asia! 

Country #1: Bali

How to get there?

airplane-57-32 – #TakeOff to Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, the capital city of Bali.

Also known as the Island of Gods, this Indonesian island has it all. May-August is the best season to visit Bali.

Beaches? Check. Volcanic Mountains? Check. Rice Paddies? Check. Coral Reefs? Check. Resort Towns, Yoga and Meditation retreats? Check and Check. 80% of the people traveling to Indonesia go to Bali and Bali alone.

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What to do?

There’s something for everyone to do in Bali:

Bali is popular for its rejuvenating spa treatments and yoga retreats. Take one to feel the experience!

Visit the rice fields and terraces to feel closer to the nature. Top it off with dining in the middle of a rice field.

Monkey – The wildlife lovers should head to Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, or Bali Safari & Marine Park. Keep the interaction with the animals minimal though.


sun-2-24 –  Put on your beach outfits and head to the South Bali. If you feel that soaking in the sun does not float your boat, #TakeOff on your surfboards to take it to the next level!

diving –  From onto the waves, go down under. Diving activities are available in southeastern part of the country.


Temple – For the religious soul, there are countless temples waiting. Marvel at the unique architectural designs!

#TakeOff Hidden Haunt – Take an early morning walk through Campuhan Ridge and witness a different side of Bali.

 Country #2: Maldives

Before we start, we have to tell you this –

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How to get there?

 airplane-57-32 - Take a flight to Male International Airport. 

An archipelago of around 2000 islands, Maldives is the laid back land of lavish resort with crystal clear water. 


Maldives plays its due to all things blue. Underwater diving, surfing or lavish dining on the water, you are covered.

What to do?

diving – Diving and snorkelling are a must do activity while in Maldives. Swim with the sea turtles, play with the Sharks, find underwater wrecks and corals.


sun-2-24 – The movie reels with crystal clear water lagoons come to life at Maldives. Spend a day lazing around the beaches or dining at a restaurant in the sea.

#TakeOff Hidden Haunt – Take a walking tour in Male, buy your own seafood and cook at a local’s home!

Country #3: Philippines 

How to get there?

airplane-57-32 – #TakeOff to Manila, a bayside metropolitan and the capital of Philippines.

Sea - Philippines

If a person decides to go to Philippines and spend a day each at all of its islands, it would take them 20 years! Philippines encompasses 7000 islands, tiny and huge.

Apart from having one of the largest coastlines in the world, Philippines also has a large number of volcanoes, some dormant and some active. Time to turn up the heat!

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What to do?

Mountain – Mountains and Volcanoes are popular destinations to travel to in Philippines. Go take a hike, witness an active volcano or hire a bike for mountaineering at Baguio, Davao, Iloilo or Banaue.

Underground river

Temple_Philippines- Being a Spanish colony in the past, Philippines has a considerable amount of churches and along with it, some amazing world heritage sights. Banaue Rice Terraces, San Agustin Church, San Sebastian Church, Fort Santiago and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park are must visits.

diving – Diving and Snorkelling go hand in hand with coral islands. Witness life beyond the sea level at Tubbataha.

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#TakeOff Hidden Haunt – Philippines has great variety and flavours in the food. Take a food tour in Manila to gorge on some amazing lip-smacking stuff.

Country #4: Seychelles

How to get there?

airplane-57-32 – The only international airport is Seychelles International Airport, near Victoria. You want to land here.


Secluded, untouched beaches filled with white sand, clear water and open sky. That defines Seychelles. A perfect laid back destination to laze around or take a break from our mundane fast lives.

What to do here?

sun-2-24 – Like most of the places on the list, Seychelles is also a beach paradise. Praslin and La Digue Islands have the best beaches. Clear blue skies are complementary. Snorkeling, diving and water sports are available at some of the sea sites.
wine – One of the underrated attractions in Seychelles is the nightlife. Mahe Island has the best bars and pubs.

Image Credits –

#TakeOff Hidden Haunt – Visit the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens  for witnessing an overwhelming amount of flora, fauna, tortoises and bats.

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Let SeekSherpa be the parent this summer – Kids activities in Delhi!

Kids activities in Delhi beyond the laptop, mobile phone, and neighbourhood Karate class 

Hello summer holidays, hello dreading feeling of engaging children!

For every parent out there, one of the toughest tasks in summers is to balance their work life with spending enough time with their kids, making sure that they learn new things, develop new hobbies and find their passion.

While the holidays last, change the game.

Rather than doing the same activities over and over, #BreakTheRoutine.

SeekSherpa presents 5 fun and engaging kids activities this summer that will help them #BreakTheRoutine and learn new things.

Kids Activity #1 – Rather than watching movies on the laptop, go for a photography tour!

Kids glued to the screen playing counter strike or candy crush or maybe even Instagram?

Don’t let your kid stay cooped up at home with the screen as their only friend this summer.

Send them on a Photography tour that teaches them how to capture various subjects, in the backdrop of Lodhi Gardens or capture Wildlife in action at the Delhi Zoological Park!

Book now


Kids Activity #2 – Rather than having Ice Cream at India Gate, visit the Mother Dairy Factory to see how Ice cream is made:


Move over getting just ice-cream at India Gate. Get on an AC Bus to visit Mother Dairy Factory!

Why not learn every behind-the-scenes detail about how milk is delivered to our homes and how ice creams are made!

Book now

Kids Activity #3 Rather than having them watch TV the whole day, send them for a hands on cooking experience:



Easy to cook items and fun hands-on learning for kids! Who would not choose that over sitting idle watching TV all day?

Book now




Kids Activity #4 Rather than taking them to the mall, take them a AC bus trip through monuments in South Delhi:


Going to malls and watching movies just does not cut it anymore.

Let kids become historians in these Summer vacations by visiting two important monuments in South Delhi – Qutab Minar and Lotus Temple!

Lunch is on us, too.

Book Now


Kids activity #5 – Rather than having them mug up history, make them visit a Museum and relive the history:


Take a trip to one of the best museums in the whole of Asia, to understand the mythology and the history of art through the ages.

Conducted by a ancient history fanatic, you will be taken back to the ages.

Book Now

5 tours in Delhi you should take with your family this summer!


Hello lovely Dilliwalas! The heat wave has taken over the city, making it nearly impossible to think straight. The only thing that can bring solace is a glass of ice cold juice or a chilled martini and the A/C.

Does that mean this summer vacation will be boring and stay at home? Absolutely NOT. We have curated a list of the coolest tours that you can take in Delhi with your family this summer. Forget the hassle of planning a long vacation and go be a traveller in your own city instead with our lineup of local tours this summer.

1. Discover the delicious Delhi 6!

Forget the fancy insides of your favourite family restaurant and get out on the street this time to explore the lip-smacking flavours your delicious Delhi 6 has to offer. Make this summer vacation about the streets of Delhi, explore the Chawri Bazaar – the biggest wholesale market of the country, the Jama Masjid and learn about the Mughal architecture, visit the Ghalib’s Haveli and get to know more about the most famous Persian poet.

22 Travellers Enjoy Sherpa Rohan’s Old Delhi Food Walk


Our Sherpas will also take you to the top of a minaret to get the most splendid 360 degree view of the city. Try some mouthwatering Mughlai delicacies from the best places around Jama Masjid like kebabs, Qorma, Stew, Biryani and top it off with some Shahi tukda, moong daal ka halwa, phirni, gulba jamun, gond ka halwa…you get the drift. This tour is a mouthful!

Rohan Food Tour Collage
Old Delhi Food Tour With Sherpa Rohan


Do you need more reasons to take this tour?

The Delhi 6 tour with Sherpa Rohan is the thing to do this summer with your family. Book the tour here!


2. Click away at the Lodhi Garden with Shepra Shagun

Always looked at amazingly clicked pictures and wondered how to take them? Is there a camera at home that you wished you used more often? You might have visited Lodhi garden before but, this time take your family to discover this destination through a photographer’s lens! Walk with Sherpa Shagun on her “Photography lessons- through the unexplored corners of Lodhi Garden” tour and learn the intricacies of photography with your family. A picture is worth a thousand words. Go home and make a montage out of all the pictures that you click, so that someday when stumble upon it your entire family can think back upon the summer weekend they had and the how close it bought all of you.

12.04.15 (1)
Travellers at the Lodhi Garden Photo Walk With Sherpa Shagun (BL)


Click professional looking family photos, fuel your sibling’s newfound fascination with photography and give your parents a wholesome family trip over the weekend that you can cherish forever with the Photography lessons- through the unexplored corners of Lodhi garden tour!

3. Where art thou? Modern Art Tour With Sherpa Mitalee!

Whether your family is a lover of all things art or one that thinks modern art is alien and intricate, the “Where art thou?” tour with Sherpa Mitalee is perfect for you and your family. She talks about the various artists, their muses, their artistic eccentricities, stories and the inspirations behind their pieces. Step into the gallery with your family while our Sherpa decodes the while our beloved Shepra- with her amazing (dry) sense of humor churns up an experience around the four floored national gallery of modern art. If your parents believe that modern art lacks substance, this is the perfect way to change their minds! Watch this video if you don’t believe us!

Travellers Enjoying Sherpa Mitalee’s Modern Art Walk In Delhi


Trust us, you all will go back with a refreshed perspective of the world after this tour! Book the “Where art thou?” tour here!

4. Enjoy the Tibetan culture and food with Sherpa Fatima

A family that dines together stays together!  Yes, we ardently believe that there is nothing that stirs up conversations as well as food does. Will you miss a chance to explore some new delicious Tibetan Cuisine with your family? We wouldn’t.

Join Sherpa Fatima through the lanes of the Tibetian refugee colony in Majnu ka tila and learn about the Tibetian culture, their way of life and the most unconventional food. Eat the best Thupka, Cheley, Shabta, Shabalay, Kothey, Tingmo, and many other such delicacies. Give your family a dining experience that goes beyond your usual outings.

Tibetan Delhi Food Tour, Majnu Ka Tila

End the tour with a cup of amazing coffee and conversation.

We’re certain you would have created some amazing memories with your family by the end of this supercool tour.  Take the tour and explore the Tibetan Food and Culture.

5. Explore the street art of Shahpur Jat with Sherpa Pankaj

Take your family out to witness the art that has take over Shahpur Jat’s streets. Sherps Pankaj takes you through the nooks and crannies of this urban village filled with eccentric art ranging from tiny stencils to 20 feet tall towering masterpieces. Amidst the fashion boutiques and various shopping destinations we’re sure you have frequented often lies the uncanniest of art!

Hear what the travellers have to say about this tour!

Take your family for an outing this summer with the “Better than Grey- The street art of Shahpur Jat” tour!

This summer #DoDelhiDifferently, take your family for the weekend outing that they have never had before, explore together, eat together, learn and discover the things about your city that you never would have known otherwise! Book a tour with us here!

Confused about what to do in Mumbai with you family this summer? Have a look at the 5 tours in Mumbai you should take with your family this summer! Stay tuned for we have more awesomeness coming your way this summer vacation!

5 tours in Mumbai you should take with your family this summer!

The summer vacation is here! Yes, it is that time of the year where you can put on your sunglasses and relax, take up a new hobby and spend some more time with your family. Trust us, This summer vacation is going to be very different for you and your family. This time around. Give your traditional family outings in the city an interesting twist.

If you are sitting at home complaining about the heat, please stop right now; for we have put together a list of the coolest tours you can take with your family in Mumbai!

1. Explore the hidden Jewish heritage with Sherpa Stacy!

Have you ever wondered about all those places that you passed by but never really saw? Can you confidently say that you have been around and seen everything that Mumbai has to offer?  This weekend, take your family for the Shalom Mumbai tour with Sherpa Stacy and explore one such part of the city.

Nestled in the heart of Colaba is the rich Jewish heritage that stays hidden beyond myriad colours and smells of the Colaba culture. Go beyond your usual weekend family outing and learn about one of the first foreign religions that came to the country. Shepra Stacy has a storehouse of tales to tell you about this dwindling minority, their architecture and their culture that are sure to leave you awestruck!

Shalom Mumbai
Happy Travellers On Stacy’s Shalom Mumbai Tour


Take your family for the Shalom Mumbai tour this weekend and give your summers the much needed refreshing twist!

2.Dangerous Dining in Dongri With Sherpa Atash!


Have you ever sat down at the Leopold Cafe and wondered about how many of those people around you secretly belong to the underworld? Does walking along the lanes of Dongri leaves you thinking about the mysteries of the mafia? Have you ever wondered about how the chor bazaar really operates or what lies within those lanes infamous as the crime district? If you have then the dangerous dining at Dongri and Bohari mohalla is the perfect tour for you. Get your family together for a weekend outing and join Sherpa Atash for a gastronomic trail across these very neighbourhoods. Shepra Atash takes you through the colourfully chaotic streets of Dongri and the BohariMohalla and into the uncanniest of food joints with the most epic food that you wouldn’t have ever thought of finding yourself. Take your family for this adventurous tour that brings together the tales of the underworld and those of culinary delight. Watch these wizard-like chefs whip us the most exotic meals like the “Bara handi”, Eat at the favourite eating destination of a certain famous filmstar languishing in jail and end it with the best hand-churned ice-cream you can find in Mumbai.

Watch how this family takes the Dangerously Dining oath before they start!

Think we are making tall claims? Go see for yourself with the “Dangerous dining at Dongri and Boharimohalla tour”!

3. Discover the history of Bandra with Sherpa Sachin

Bandra is such a blend of quaint crumbling villages with lofty seaside promenades. The Queen of Suburbs will never fail to surprise you. Take your family for a summer outing this weekend with the Picturesque Bandra  tour.  Sherpa Sachin takes you by the hand and straight into the impressive history that Bandra has to offer. From the spectacular views of the sealink from the Portuguese fort to the Buckingham palace like parsi sanatorium, this tour covers the true stories of Bandra in a 120 minute walk. Connect with your family over your mutual love for exploring new places in the city.


Try amazing food at the wholesome bakeries that bandra has to offer and hear tales that you have never heard before with the Picturesque Bandra tour!

4. Art lovers in the house? Explore the art with Sherpa Reeti


For all those art lovers in the house, we have the perfect family outing in the city with the Brush with the art galleries of South Mumbai tour! Join Sherpa Reeti for the most artistic weekend outing with family this summer vacation. She takes you from the Jehangir art gallery at Kala Ghoda to the bluest-blue synagogue in the city. Meet the quirky street artist with their refreshing art on display and find out what really goes in to create unique artwork. Take a walk with her through the various art galleries, while she marks the contrast between various forms of art and how each piece is beautiful in its own unique way. Explore the hidden art at the Jehangir Art gallery!

Travellers Enjoying the Mumbai Art Gallery tour with Sherpa Reeti
Travellers Enjoying the Mumbai Art Gallery tour with Sherpa Reeti

 At the end of this tour, we are sure your family will go back with a renewed enthusiasm towards art! Book the tour here!

5. The perfect tour for the colonial foodies

Do your parents tell you tales of how Mumbai was once a Bombay? Of how this beautiful city full colourful chaos really came about? Do they also share your love for food? Well, you don’t need more than that as reason to take them for this amazing food walk through the colonial past of Mumbai with Sherpa Runal on his heritage and foodie walk through colonial Bombay  Tour. He takes you back into the time of old Bombay on a trail that follows through Flora Fountain, Prince Wales museum, hidden Irani cafes and the Ballard estate. Maybe after this tour you will truly understand what your parents mean when they talk about the Mumbai in their time! Watch how Sherpa Runal gets his travellers going!

Go back in time to colonial bombay!

Bring your family together for a weekend outing in the city, learn about places that you would never have known of, give them an experience that they can cherish for a lifetime and look at your own beloved city in a new light this summer vacation. The most beautiful bonds are created only when the family travels together, so why wait?

Book the perfect weekend family outing here!


Eat, Pray, Love At Rishikesh As Told By Sherpa Mohit!

A Sherpa’s guide to Rishikesh, if you’re heading in for the summers that is!

Want to indulge in something cool and fascinating this summer? Why not travel to the ‘Yoga capital of the world- Rishikesh? Did you know that this town of non-comformist, Bohemian spiritual seekers was also the spiritual retreat of the Beatles? Well, yes, not so long ago, Beatles rocked this town of Rishikesh.

Beatles Ashram2-compressed
The Beatles Ashram – Rishikesh
Beatles Ashram3-compressed
The Beatles Ashram – Rishikesh


Interested now? Read further to find out what this charming little valley has in store for you!

Continue reading “Eat, Pray, Love At Rishikesh As Told By Sherpa Mohit!”