#RedefiningTravel – 5 Instagram feeds that every traveller must follow.

How is a 2 by 2 snap #RedefiningTravel?

From the gluttonous and gorgeous foodies to the wanderlust struck explorers out on a mission, Instagram is a paradise with perfectly square windows into the lives of people who are #RedefiningTravel every day.

We went out and handpicked the awesomest of intagrammers who will make you want to pick up that camera and go clicking and some day you too will be #RedefiningTravel. If you need some travel inspiration, these are the people to look out for.

Instagrammers @muradosmann, @gflandre, @prazakj show their excellence!
Credits – (@muradosmann, @gflandre, @prazakj – Instagram)

1. Murad Osmann: Following his lady love across the world.

Murad Osmann and his wife have immortalized travel and love. Murad’s lens follows her while she takes him by the hand into the most picturesque locations around the world. You can find him on Instagram at the hashtag – #Followmeto

1. Kremlin, Moscow – #Followmeto

A photo posted by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

2. Amber, Jaipur – #Followmeto

3. Jumbo King, Hong Kong – #Followmeto

4. The wedding photo – #Followmeto

2. Guillaume Flandre: Defining Paris beyond postcards

To Guillaume Flandre (@Gflandre) every lane and building in Paris is like a postcard. He takes his camera away from the popular locations and captures the everyday beauty of his city from different angles and perspectives.  Watch his feed for the most mind blowing reflections.

A still of a carousel and a fiat, around Saint Paul.

#paris #carousel #car #fiat

A photo posted by Guillaume Flandre (@gflandre) on

  Look beyond the surface and into the reflection.

A photo posted by Guillaume Flandre (@gflandre) on

Apparently, Eiffel tower is not the only romantic location around Paris. They are hidden in every nook and cranny, and Guillaume made it a mission to show his city off to the world. Follow his amazing work here.

#paris #lavillette #bassin #canal #water #reflection #sunrise #morning

A photo posted by Guillaume Flandre (@gflandre) on

3. Paulo del Valle: An insider’s view to Rio

His Instagram description says he is a storyteller, a traveller and an influencer. He couldn’t be more right! His work highlights the hidden locations in Rio telling the untold story of the city he has grown up loving. He shows you Rio through the eyes of a local. Citylights.

This is how the Sunrise from Paulo’s lens looks like.

Follow @paulodelvalle here and watch his feed for some amazing natural scenery in and around Rio de Janeiro.

4. Sezgi Olgac: The picture perfect Istanbul

This beautiful Jazz singer, traveller and photographer made Istanbul her muse. She clicks away into the lanes and the life of this city showing you what her city has to offer. Her feed is like a minimalistic travel photo journal of a local.

Istanbul, being Istanbul.

Istanbul being Istanbul.

A photo posted by ^Sezgi Olgaç^ (@sezgiolgac) on

The window to a window.

Hello from Alaçatı | Alaçatı’dan sevgiler @tektekci #eglencebaslasin

A photo posted by ^Sezgi Olgaç^ (@sezgiolgac) on

The lens is her means to communicate the hidden beauty of Istanbul, its cosy cafes, old style houses and culture to the world. Follow her here.

A photo posted by ^Sezgi Olgaç^ (@sezgiolgac) on

5. Jan Prazak: Into Prague and beyond

Jan Prazak (@prazakj) is a manager with interests ranging from fashion and design to soccer and marketing. His instagram feed reflects this wide array of interests while taking you into the lanes and sceneries of the Prague he grew up in. View his works here on Jan Prazak’s personal site. 

Into the lanes of Prague

Wonder where the trail leads to? Follow him here.

Light up your day by enjoying life with your friends.

A photo posted by Jan Pražák (@prazakj) on

He captures the nature’s Prague through his lens, you will see a lot of Shadow play in his images.

Gorgeous way into the wild and hiding places on your way. #infinityroads

A photo posted by Jan Pražák (@prazakj) on

What is the one thing that is common between all these Instagrammers from across the globe? It is their eye for the hidden haunts around them. They are all wanderers and wonderers lost in their cities with a camera to show the world what they find.

What is your favourite location to go clicking in your city? Let us know in comments below!

Seeksherpa will be curating some awesome insta walks in India very soon for all you lovely people. Hang in there!

#RedefiningTravel – Stops Hostel – where a gigantic movie room is so passé.

How is Stops Hostel #RedefiningTravel?

A nondescript Harry Potterish entrance leads to the Stops hostel in Delhi 6. Nestled on the ground floor of an old building, you have no idea what you’re in for from the looks of it, until you walk in. Sprawled across the front lounge are 3 of the cutest dogs who are there all day should you feel like playing with them or snuggling in the comfy couches. Just as you’re done with the reception you walk into not just a Hostel, but a house full of curious ongoings in every corner. From Yoga classes to a BBQ to a planned sunrise boat tour – you can basically do anything at Stops. Oh, and they give a bed, room, & breakfast as well. Wow.

We caught up with Stops Hostel co-founders Pallavi and Pankaj who were inspired to start Stops (get it?) through the course of their travels. “We are proud of our country and want people to experience the many Indias that are there in our country.” We agree!

Stops Hostel is present in Varanasi, Delhi, & Jaipur is coming soon! You can easily get a bed for anywhere between INR 400 & 800 per night that also includes breakfast and taxes. Stops is rated 4.5 on 5 on Tripadvisor. A really nice review caught our attention – “A dream hostel in a very quiet backroad somehow hidden by the perennial horn blowing soundtrack of the Indian cities.” Stops hostel seems to be making this a bit of a tradition!

“Our communal areas- for example our Movie Room and Fully Stocked Communal kitchens are very unique. Also unique is our focus on organizing interesting walking tours and daily events which gives the travelers a great opportunity to break the ice, plan their day better and explore the city from a local’s perspective- Some examples are our pub crawls, theater club, cookout nights, bollywood dance nights, and food hopping!” – make Stops a unique pitstop for travellers on their travels in India.

Stops Hostel Delhi Movie Room
Stops Hostel Delhi Movie Room
Travellers enjoying the ghats of the Ganges in Varanasi
Travellers enjoying the ghats of the Ganges in Varanasi

Stops is the only hostel we found that conducts its own walks as well and organizes a whole host of activities. According to the founders – “Pub crawls, food hopping through state bhawans, all night movie marathons, going for Indian theatre and plays, art crawls, stand up comedy shows, zumba classes, exploring areas like Pandara Road and Connaught Place at night, walking along India gate to have ice cream, midnight snacking at Jama Masjid, Qawali at Nizammudin Dargah, light and sound Show at Old Fort ending with lovely desserts at Khan Market. The list is endless and as eclectic as our lovely city.” is just a glimpse of what all you can find in this wonderful store of goodies.

Travellers enjoying the common room at Stops Hostel
Travellers enjoying the common room at Stops Hostel


If you’re travelling to India and stopping over in Delhi, we recommend you pay Stops hostel a visit! :)

#RedefiningTravel – How Moustache hostel is coming up as a classy alternative to the shady budget hotels in Delhi!

Arjun Singh walked from England to Australia over 3 years, Paul Hammond cycled across half the world, Edwina Laycock volunteered at orphanages like Salaam Baalak Trust, Amy Dahmen completed 300-hour yoga training courses. All of these personalities stayed at Moustache hostel during these missions. That’s saying something.

When you ask Amber Jalan, the founder of Moustache Hostel in New Delhi & Jaipur about what inspired him to setup Moustache – a very clear and concise answer emerges. “India’s accommodation landscape needed places that offered cheap accommodation that were also clean, safe, trustworthy, transparent, and fun. That’s what Moustache brings to the table and that’s the inspiration behind Moustache. 95% of what’s out there in the budget accommodation space in India is dirty, full of scams, and unsafe. We don’t do kickbacks with taxi drivers, we don’t scam people into buying more, we deliver what we promise to the best of our abilities, and we’re always looking for ways to enhance a traveller’s experience of India.”

Wow. We’re going to support Moustache Hostel all the way in this.

Delhi Moustache Hostel
Moustache Hostel Delhi (Common Room, Dorm, Terrace, Double Bed Room – L to R!

Staying at Moustache hostel is like staying in a melting pot of cultures from across the globe. Moustache hostel hosts travellers from all over the world across all age groups, from 18 to 65. However, mostly travellers at moustache are between the ages of 20-35 and are looking to explore India in their own unique ways. “We’ve had people who’re cycling across the world, walking across the world over 3 years, hitchhiking, and what not. There is no one kind of person staying with us at any point.”

Jaipur Moustache Hostels
Moustache Hostel Jaipur (L to R – Double Bed room, Terrace, Dorm, Common Room)

When you stay at Moustache hostel you don’t just get a room, you get an experience. According the Amber “Moustache squarely focuses on the travellers’ experiences by organising both in-house activities like chai making classes, yoga classes, and movie night and also providing opportunities to explore the cities by offering walking tours and travel desk services.” 

So beyond your FREE –

  1. WiFi,
  2. Breakfast,
  3. Chai,
  4. Unlimited drinking water,
  5. Common rooms,
  6. Terrace garden,
  7. a travel desk
  8. (Whew, that list is long!) 

That comes with just about INR 500 to INR 750 per bed, you can roam freely in the safe neighbourhood that Moustache Hostel is based out of in Delhi.

If you’re looking to travel and make friends with people you would not believe exist, make sure you stay at a Moustache. :)

#RedefiningTravel – Joey’s Hostel – Where INR 349 Gets You A Bed And Breakfast!

Conveniently located on Main Vikas Marg, 200 mt from Laxmi Nagar metro station (Blue Line), 5 km from Connaught Place (City Centre), Joey’s Hostel is #RedefiningTravel by creating a non-commercial environment where people are able relax and enjoy their travel. A fun place created for new comers to India looking for a secure and helpful venue that interacts and engages with them during their stay.

There are 3 things the folks over at Joey’s Hostel are extremely proud of:

  1. Great lounge room
  2. Exceptional hygiene
  3. Helpful & Friendly staff
The Lounge At Joey's Hostel Delhi
The Lounge At Joey’s Hostel


Just started a month back in New Delhi, Joey’s Hostel also provides facilities such as

1. WiFi

2. Complimentary breakfast

3. A kitchenette

4. Hot showers

5. Lively entertainment lounge for chilling or playing board games, Xbox, TV and music.

6. There are packed food & beverages on sale.

If you’re looking to come to India and stay on a budget in a clean and comfortable environment then Joey’s Hostel is a good option for you to consider specially at the rock bottom prices for their rooms here –

8 Bed dorm: Rs. 349 per night per bed

6 Bed dorm: Rs. 449 per night per bed

4 Bed dorm: Rs. 499 per night per bed

The above prices are exclusive of all taxes and include a complimentary Continental breakfast.

Joey's Hostel Delhi Orange Room Dorm
Joey’s Hostel Orange Room Dorm



Joey's Hostel Delhi Pink Room Dorm
Joey’s Hostel Delhi Pink Room Dorm

Enough of the logistics, what is really great about Joey’s? The SeekSherpa team caught up with Founder – Arjun Munjral (LinkedIn) for his scoop on what inspired him to start Joey’s – ” We started Joey’s Hostel with the aim of enriching travellers experience as they discover our beautiful and frankly quite complicated country with utmost safety, maximum fun and minimum hassles. Backpacking in India is still in its nascent stage and is gaining exponential momentum with both domestic and foreign travellers growing every year. Delhi is a city which not only is the first touch point for foreign travellers, but also for anyone heading north into the Himalayas. My zest for travelling led me to leave that life behind and start something I truly love.”

What does a typical day for a traveller at Joey’s look like? According to Arjun, Joey’s is #RedefiningTravel when it creates a perfect day for a traveller that looks something like this – “A day would start with a delicious & complimentary Continental breakfast with surprise Indian delights to tingle the taste buds. We try to ensure that our guests enjoy their day getting mesmerised with the never ending history, variety, culture of Delhi & India and come back with a packet of new experiences each day. We would be happy to also organize or facilitate weekend journeys within the city, cycle tours, heritage walks etc. for the guests. At the same time, our lively lounge room is at their service 24*7 to relax, interact and play! Also, their cozy cleans beds & rooms are ready to welcome them as and when they please.”

We’re super excited to see Joey’s Hostel start and hope lots of travellers from around the world visit the beautiful place they’re setting up. :)

Also read, how is Zostel #RedefiningTravel? 

#RedefiningTravel – The Zostel Experience

In our latest new series after the #SherpaStories streak of awesome possum stories we ran, we bring to you the series called #RedefiningTravel where SeekSherpa works closely with value creators in the travel economy in exploring how they are redefining travel.

Your brand, value creation channel, company, product, or service could be of any space or size or shape or reality. The true mission that the entity needs to have is that of #RedefiningTravel. Your entity could be making it easier, faster, better, or cheaper but in essence it needs to have the inherent urge to #RedefineTravel.

Our first case study of #RedefiningTravel was the latest bastion of cheap, affordable, and comfortable accommodation and an experience to go with it – Zostel.



A clever play on the word hostel, Zostel is attempting to recreate the european backpacking dream in India for both Indian residents as well as foreign visitors.  Begun in Rajasthan, per their website the chain of hostels is present in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra, Delhi, Goa, & Varanasi.

Zostel receives backpackers, travel bloggers, photographers, & travel enthusiasts of both Indian and foreign origin as its primary clientele. The key take away is the environment and atmosphere the guests are welcomed into. The sheer popularity & vibe of the hostels makes it the perfect place to meet with other like-mind travellers. According to Zostel – “The exchange of stories and experiences that take place in the common room on a daily basis is something one can write a book on.” We’re waiting in line for that!

But the question remains – what does Zostel do that stretches the realm of travel? 

In a nutshell you get all the below for as low as INR 499 a night. Beat that.

- Free Wi-Fi and desktop access
- Free city walks & travel advice
- Clean beds & washrooms along with linen
- Separate lockers
- Kitchen to order
- And the cherry on top – in case a traveller plans to come back to Zostel then he/she can leave their luggage behind (securely), to make rest of their journey light and recollect it when back.
Zostel Delhi Suite


Zostel Delhi Dorm
We certainly feel like going out and booking one now just to enjoy the experience of staying at a Zostel!
Zostel Collage
Zostel Delhi Common Room
Wondering what their travellers have to say? This will blow your mind.
Moreover, apart from giving travellers a great time, Zostel is promoting the spirit of travel entrepreneurship. The #BeYou incubation program is a witness of that. It’s a program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs setup their own Zostel. The company made the bold move of making all plans and pitches completely public. This is their dedication towards spreading the ease of travel through out India.
Zostel is fast becoming a cauldron where cultures from across the world unite. Zostel reported having hosted 3 travel fans who toke a road trip and covered west-east corridor of India on an Auto Rickshaw & a bunch of Swedish guys who met each other at Zostel & took a road trip to Ladakh!

How did it all start? According to Zostel – “The inspiration of Zostel came during an Europe based internship exchange program. While backpacking there the gap of cheap, yet reliable accommodations in India was felt. That’s how back home Zostel was kick started.”
What’s next? An ambitious target – In the next 3 months Zostel will be across 25 cities & by the end of the year it would have gone overseas. SeekSherpa wishes them the best of luck and is fully behind them in this journey!
What are you waiting for? Go, live Zostel. :)