Musical Staycation – Aayudh performing live in Gurgaon!

Select Hotels welcomes you to Soul Stirring Saturdays!

The winter is coming. Why not enjoy few of the last rainy weekends at a Heritage resort tucked away from the traffic, crowd and noise of the city while enjoying live Sufi Music with a Musical staycation at Manesar?

“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart”. On our continued journey to discover amazing live music, the next stop is an amazing Sufi music band.

With me? Here goes:


 Soul Stirring Saturdays – Aayudh Live @ 12, 500 + Taxes

What are you paying for?

drummer-310253_1280 A musical stacation with Sufi Music performance by Aayudh, a multi genre Hindi band. They take inspiration from the love that exists between humans which you will find in the feel of their songs.

hotel Dedicated guestroom in a Heritage Village Resort

food-297051_1280 Buffet meals in the hotel, along with snacks and beverages

Excited? Here’s more to charge you up. The Heritage Village Resort & Spa looks like this:

Gasping for breath already? There’s more. Check out a live performance by Aayudh:

Lastly, check some pictures from earlier live performances:

13243717_1208582145821699_7676901672336403582_o aayudh-2


Witness a night full of musical melodies threaded one after the other at this Musical staycation! 

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Soul Stirring Saturdays are presented and operated by Select Hotels


Musical Staycation – Tarkash performing live in Gurgaon!

Head out for an awesome weekend getaway that leaves you wanting more!

What is in an ideal weekend plan? A movie? Dinner date? Shopping? What if you have something better than all of this combined?

When words fail, music speaks. For all the music lovers out there, be it Indie, Sufi, Bollywood, Retro or mixed genres, Select Resorts presents a Musical Staycation like never before!

Are you excited? Presenting:

Soul Stirring Saturdays  Tarkash

 Soul Stirring Saturdays @ 12, 500 + Taxes

But it’s Gurgaon, and late nights? – Well, we have got you covered. Call a dedicated room in a Heritage Village Resort your home for the weekend!

But..where’s the food? – Again, we have got you covered. Buffet Meals(Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner!), Snacks and Beverages(Even Alcoholic!) are on the house. Err, in this case, on the resort.

Can you tell me more about the band? Tarkash, The name has been derived from a Devnagari word – तरकश, meaning Basket/Container of the Arrows(tir) used by the warriors. Like a bag full of arrows, the band members have varied music tastes and inspirations. Initially started by Vibhor and Sidaque, the band has grown in numbers and popularity. With some of their favorite bands and artists being Coldplay, Dream Theater, Opeth, AR Rahman, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Arijit Singh and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the band covers Bollywood music to give it a Sufi and Blues touch. From the crowd favorite blues version of ‘Sanu ek Pal’ to 80s Retro Bollywood hits, they can play it all!

What does the Heritage Village Resort look like? – Here you go:

What are the live shows like?

Tarkash Live at Select Heritage Resort
I don’t wanna miss a thing!
Tarkash Live at Select Heritage Resort (2)
A Sky full of Stars!


Tarkash Live at Select Heritage Resort (3)
Inspired by Keith Moon
Tarkash Live at Heritage Resort (4)
Dance The Night Away

Convinced? Book here – 011-66764115 or click here!

Here, we leave you with a video of their live performance. Enjoy!

Come as you are to fall in love with a night full of energetic music, luxury stays and unforgetful memories!

Convinced? Book here – 011-66764115 or click here!

Soul Stirring Saturdays are presented and operated by Select Hotels

#TakeOff – Escape to Southeast Asia

#TakeOff – Escape to Southeast Asia

Islands, water and sky. Three top ingredients to making soulful travel memories. 

#Takeoff - Seychelles1
Image Source – 5starseurope

Southeast Asia is home to some of the most beautiful island countries in the world. Presenting 4 amazing and scenic island countries you should not miss!

We’ve got you covered with some amazing deals courtesy Live The World and American Express all through out South East Asia! 

Country #1: Bali

How to get there?

airplane-57-32 – #TakeOff to Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, the capital city of Bali.

Also known as the Island of Gods, this Indonesian island has it all. May-August is the best season to visit Bali.

Beaches? Check. Volcanic Mountains? Check. Rice Paddies? Check. Coral Reefs? Check. Resort Towns, Yoga and Meditation retreats? Check and Check. 80% of the people traveling to Indonesia go to Bali and Bali alone.

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What to do?

There’s something for everyone to do in Bali:

Bali is popular for its rejuvenating spa treatments and yoga retreats. Take one to feel the experience!

Visit the rice fields and terraces to feel closer to the nature. Top it off with dining in the middle of a rice field.

Monkey – The wildlife lovers should head to Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, or Bali Safari & Marine Park. Keep the interaction with the animals minimal though.


sun-2-24 –  Put on your beach outfits and head to the South Bali. If you feel that soaking in the sun does not float your boat, #TakeOff on your surfboards to take it to the next level!

diving –  From onto the waves, go down under. Diving activities are available in southeastern part of the country.


Temple – For the religious soul, there are countless temples waiting. Marvel at the unique architectural designs!

#TakeOff Hidden Haunt – Take an early morning walk through Campuhan Ridge and witness a different side of Bali.

 Country #2: Maldives

Before we start, we have to tell you this –

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How to get there?

 airplane-57-32 - Take a flight to Male International Airport. 

An archipelago of around 2000 islands, Maldives is the laid back land of lavish resort with crystal clear water. 


Maldives plays its due to all things blue. Underwater diving, surfing or lavish dining on the water, you are covered.

What to do?

diving – Diving and snorkelling are a must do activity while in Maldives. Swim with the sea turtles, play with the Sharks, find underwater wrecks and corals.


sun-2-24 – The movie reels with crystal clear water lagoons come to life at Maldives. Spend a day lazing around the beaches or dining at a restaurant in the sea.

#TakeOff Hidden Haunt – Take a walking tour in Male, buy your own seafood and cook at a local’s home!

Country #3: Philippines 

How to get there?

airplane-57-32 – #TakeOff to Manila, a bayside metropolitan and the capital of Philippines.

Sea - Philippines

If a person decides to go to Philippines and spend a day each at all of its islands, it would take them 20 years! Philippines encompasses 7000 islands, tiny and huge.

Apart from having one of the largest coastlines in the world, Philippines also has a large number of volcanoes, some dormant and some active. Time to turn up the heat!

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What to do?

Mountain – Mountains and Volcanoes are popular destinations to travel to in Philippines. Go take a hike, witness an active volcano or hire a bike for mountaineering at Baguio, Davao, Iloilo or Banaue.

Underground river

Temple_Philippines- Being a Spanish colony in the past, Philippines has a considerable amount of churches and along with it, some amazing world heritage sights. Banaue Rice Terraces, San Agustin Church, San Sebastian Church, Fort Santiago and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park are must visits.

diving – Diving and Snorkelling go hand in hand with coral islands. Witness life beyond the sea level at Tubbataha.

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#TakeOff Hidden Haunt – Philippines has great variety and flavours in the food. Take a food tour in Manila to gorge on some amazing lip-smacking stuff.

Country #4: Seychelles

How to get there?

airplane-57-32 – The only international airport is Seychelles International Airport, near Victoria. You want to land here.


Secluded, untouched beaches filled with white sand, clear water and open sky. That defines Seychelles. A perfect laid back destination to laze around or take a break from our mundane fast lives.

What to do here?

sun-2-24 – Like most of the places on the list, Seychelles is also a beach paradise. Praslin and La Digue Islands have the best beaches. Clear blue skies are complementary. Snorkeling, diving and water sports are available at some of the sea sites.
wine – One of the underrated attractions in Seychelles is the nightlife. Mahe Island has the best bars and pubs.

Image Credits –

#TakeOff Hidden Haunt – Visit the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens  for witnessing an overwhelming amount of flora, fauna, tortoises and bats.

 What are you waiting for? Get your swimsuits, sunglasses and groove on. #TakeOff to these South East Asia locations with Amex.

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#TakeOff: Northern Lights

#TakeOff: Northern Lights, 5 countries where you can witness them

Northern lights are also known as the Aurora Borealis in the north and the Aurora Australis in the south.

Northern lights have been a cause of fantasy and mystery, for hundreds of years carrying legends with them wherever they are witnessed. An old legend goes as far as saying that these lights signified the dawn, Aurora is the Greek goddess of dawn. They were also considered the harbingers of war and famine during the medieval times.

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The Menominee Indians of Wisconsin believed that these lights indicated the locations of giants who were the spirits of legendary hunters and fishermen. Their spirits were captured in the form of the animals they hunted.

As amazing as the legends sound, the northern lights are actually a scientific phenomenon. They are collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that manage to enter the earth’s atmosphere. These particles are gaseous in nature. The variations in the colors are due to the different kinds of gases that collide. The science of it all may or may not appeal to everyone, but the spectacle sure does.

Read on to find out how and where you could see the northern lights in the winter 2016.

  • Country #1: Norway

The carnival of lights is something Norway is famous for. You could camp underneath watching the lights dance above your head.

Go to Svalbard, you cannot go further up than that. This island in Norway is well into the Arctic circle and generally the higher the latitude the better. The season is November to February, but you could also see the Polar Night otherwise.

Svalbard does not have daylight and is soaked in an eerie blue twilight which is breath-taking to say the least. You could also spot various snow animals while you are at it.


#Takeoff  Norway Northern Lights
Image Credits – Visit Norway

airplane-57-32  – To get here, you could take the flight to Oslo and then onto Longyearbyen and then make your way to Svalbard.

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  • Country #2: Finland

Have you ever lived in an igloo? Well, here at Kakslauttanen you could not only live in one but also gaze at the northern lights from inside it.

You could also prefer to stay in your own wooden cabin, typical camping style and top it up with snow activities such as reindeer safari or walking skis to explore the nearby Urho National Park.

If you want an early Christmas, you could go see Santa at his place in Korvatunturi just two hours away. Take a sled dog, just for the theatricality of it all.

airplane-57-32  – To get here, you could #TakeOff to Helinski and then make your way up north.


#Takeoff Finland
Image Credits – Assets Inhabitat


  • Country #3: Iceland

This land of geysers, volcanoes and blue ice has a lot more to fascinate about. We say, make an elaborate plan to travel all of it.

Your first stop however should be to visit Reykjavik, for the lights of course. You could also check out the Game of Thrones location while you are in the country.

airplane-57-32 – You could just get #TakeOff to Rejkjavik, but book in advance and save some money.


#Takeoff Iceland 1
Image Credits – Jetline holidays

Hobnobbing on international destinations this summer?

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#Takeoff Iceland 2
Image Credits –


#Takeoff Iceland 3
Image Credits – Amusing Planet


  • Country #4: Canada

Northern Canada, is covered by the Aurora Oval, making it the perfect place to see the northern lights.

It covers the provinces of Yukon, Northern Saskatchewan, Northwestern territories, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and British Columbia. The Canadian geography has a lot to offer you.

The time when you are not seeing the northern lights, spend it skiing in amazing resorts by the side of British Columbia.

You could also see waterfalls and whales around Vancouver. Also, to get here-well, it’s Canada, should not be much of a problem.

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#Takeoff Canada 1
Image Credits – Wikipedia 


  • Country #5: Scotland

Scotland, in some parts of the year is also an amazing place to see the Northern Lights. This place has a couple of brilliant locations at the northerly latitudes.

sun-2-24 – If you want something to do for the summer, you could also go to the Aviemore and the Cairngorms National Park.

Hire a bicycle and ride around the Royal village of Ballater or go munroe-bagging, soak in the beauty and the royalty that is Scotland. You may have gone to witness the lights, you shall come back with a lot more.


#Takeoff  Scotland
Image Credits – Travelzoo 

If you still don’t want to check out the northern lights this summer, watch this video and tell us if you still think so.

Also, watch this space for more amazing places you could #TakeOff to with your American Express!

Let SeekSherpa be the parent this summer – Kids activities in Delhi!

Kids activities in Delhi beyond the laptop, mobile phone, and neighbourhood Karate class 

Hello summer holidays, hello dreading feeling of engaging children!

For every parent out there, one of the toughest tasks in summers is to balance their work life with spending enough time with their kids, making sure that they learn new things, develop new hobbies and find their passion.

While the holidays last, change the game.

Rather than doing the same activities over and over, #BreakTheRoutine.

SeekSherpa presents 5 fun and engaging kids activities this summer that will help them #BreakTheRoutine and learn new things.

Kids Activity #1 – Rather than watching movies on the laptop, go for a photography tour!

Kids glued to the screen playing counter strike or candy crush or maybe even Instagram?

Don’t let your kid stay cooped up at home with the screen as their only friend this summer.

Send them on a Photography tour that teaches them how to capture various subjects, in the backdrop of Lodhi Gardens or capture Wildlife in action at the Delhi Zoological Park!

Book now


Kids Activity #2 – Rather than having Ice Cream at India Gate, visit the Mother Dairy Factory to see how Ice cream is made:


Move over getting just ice-cream at India Gate. Get on an AC Bus to visit Mother Dairy Factory!

Why not learn every behind-the-scenes detail about how milk is delivered to our homes and how ice creams are made!

Book now

Kids Activity #3 Rather than having them watch TV the whole day, send them for a hands on cooking experience:



Easy to cook items and fun hands-on learning for kids! Who would not choose that over sitting idle watching TV all day?

Book now




Kids Activity #4 Rather than taking them to the mall, take them a AC bus trip through monuments in South Delhi:


Going to malls and watching movies just does not cut it anymore.

Let kids become historians in these Summer vacations by visiting two important monuments in South Delhi – Qutab Minar and Lotus Temple!

Lunch is on us, too.

Book Now


Kids activity #5 – Rather than having them mug up history, make them visit a Museum and relive the history:


Take a trip to one of the best museums in the whole of Asia, to understand the mythology and the history of art through the ages.

Conducted by a ancient history fanatic, you will be taken back to the ages.

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UberTOURISTER – A unique way of touring Aamchi Mumbai!

At SeekSherpa, we have always been a fan of understanding the hidden heritage, culture and art of your city uniquely, by being tourists in your city. The idea of venturing out to the nooks and crannies, exploring the unexplored places and treading on the off beaten paths is something that has always been our mission.

We have something very interesting brewing with American Tourister, and Uber Mumbai where you will be rediscovering the lesser known spots in your city – Mumbai, this weekend. It is not the run-of-the-mill variety action, you will be discovering the spots around your home or workplace, in a completely different light, seeking new experiences and hearing unheard stories. With Uber Tourister, a very special Uber ride will enable you to #touristeryoureveryday. After all, why must interesting things be saved only for vacations?

Whether you have been living your whole life in Mumbai, or just visiting for some days, don’t miss the action! Unlock the hidden Uber Tourister view by:

  • Opening your Uber app between 2 & 3 PM on Sunday, April 3, 2016
  • Entering the code UBERTOURISTER in the promotions tab to unlock the hidden view!
  • Selecting thee UBERTOURISTER view and hit request
  • If connected, you and two friends can choose any 1 of 5 tours listed below
  • All tours are 1.5 hours long, on foot, conducted by experts and free of cost 
  • Demand will be high, you may need to request more than once
  • Tours have limited capacity & will be available on a 1st come 1st serve basis!


1. Picturesque Bandra:

PT_Bandraphoto by Satish Krishnamurthy

Explore the multicultural history and heritage of the Queen of Mumbai’s Suburbs: Bandra. Take in the street art & graffiti of Ranwar village, visit the quintessential Bandra Fort and trace Colonial & Portuguese history through Bandra’s bylanes & magnificent churches. Tour starts on foot at 4pm. Maximum tour size: 20 people.


2. The Fortress that Bombay Once Was:


Relive Mumbai’s history with a walk through the old British Buildings in South Mumbai. This tour focuses on the art & architecture of the area, visiting places like the Town Hall, Horniman Circle, Flora Fountain, David Sassoon Library, Churchgate, CST & the Blue Synagogue, with stops at SoBo’s most famous art galleries. Tour starts on foot at 4pm. Maximum tour size: 100 people.


3. Parsi Potpourri at Dadar:


Soak in the heritage of one of the most eclectic communities in Maximum City: the Parsis. Visit Rustom Faramna Agiary Parsi, followed by the largest Parsi colony in India, where legends like Freddie Mercury once lived. Experience the Parsi lifestyle and most importantly, Parsi Food, as we move on to a nearby Irani cafe for a chat. Tour starts on foot at 4pm. Maximum tour size: 20 people.


4. Yum Matunga: A Southie Food Trail in Matunga


photo courtesy wikimedia commons

Ever wondered where to eat the best Dosas in the city? Quell your curiosity with delicious south Indian food in Matunga, where we explore its hidden nooks crammed with cafes and restaurants. Sink your teeth into piping hot Idlis, Vadas & Dosas! Tour starts on foot at 4.30pm. Maximum tour size: 20 people.


5. The Trail by the Lake in Thane


Visit the unexplored sister city of Mumbai known for its lakes, a temple and church that have survived centuries. The trail winds through the most popular of the 10 lakes of Thane: Masunda Lake, with all its calm and serenity. Make a pit stop for one of the best Misal pavs in Maharashtra, stopping for conversations about anything and everything. Tour starts on foot at 5.00pm. Maximum tour size: 20 people.

American Tourister wants you to liven up your everyday. A very special Uber ride which enables you to #TouristerYourEveryday! See you there!




7 unique things to do in 7 cities of India

7 Unique Things To Do In 7 Cities Of India

India is often associated with the Taj Mahal. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s the seventh wonder of the world. However, there is much more to India than the Taj Mahal. Read these things to do in India that range from cemeteries tour to an urban village walk to a community walk!

1) Urban Village Walk with a Personal Stylist – Delhi

Hauz Khas Heritage Walk - Things to do in India - Delhi
Hauz Khas Heritage Walk – Things to do in India – Delhi

Delhi is much more than Qutab Minar, Red Fort and Old Delhi. This walk in centred around Hauz Khas Village which is home to fort ruins, lake, deer park, boutiques, restaurant, pubs and street art. Yeah, so much to see in just one urban village. Take this walk to learn more about the ruins, click pictures by the lake and deer park, gorge on Delhi’s food, experience the nightlife and shop for traditional Indian goods. This ain’t a run of the mill walk but one of the most unique things to do while in India.

Conducted by an Ex Consultant who now has her own travel startup. She will ease your decision making, take you to the best places and help find what you really want. Really, a unique and different way to explore the boutiques of Delhi.

Write us at to book now!

2) Parsi Potpurri – Mumbai

Parsi South Mumbai Heritage Walk - Things to do in India - Mumbai
Parsi South Mumbai Heritage Walk – Things to do in India – Mumbai

The so called bucket list items in Mumbai are the slum tour or the Bollywood tour. So much so, that these tours have now become a cliche. Instead of doing the cliche, we recommend a tour to experience the Parsi Culture – On this walk, you will explore the Parsi faith, daily essentials & way of life. You will visit Parsi landmarks and indulge in their signature dishes.

Conducted by a cultural enthusiast who has first hand accounts of the Parsi community!

Book now!

3) Yoga with the Taj Mahal – Agra

Things to do in India - Agra
Things to do in India – Agra

Practice Yoga while viewing the Taj Mahal. Sounds exciting? It surely is! Get on this 2 hour micro-tour to experience the two things that are truly Indian and reflect the Indian Culture – The Taj Mahal and Yoga. This unique experience will cover the basic aspects of Asanas, Dhyanas and Pranayam with a breathtaking view of the Seventh Wonder of the World from only a few hundred meters away! It’s one of the most relaxing things to do India.

Conducted by a Yoga specialist and expert.

Write us at to book now!

4) Walking Tour – Beyond the forts and monuments – Jaipur

Things to do in India - Jaipur
Things to do in India – Jaipur

Jaipur is not just about towering forts! Take this tour to experience the religious side of the locals by visiting temples and witnessing Hindu religious ceremonies. Not only this, explore the Havelis of Jaipur that have been there since the times of the Rajputs. Things to do in India like the walking tour have been inviting hordes of travellers for years. It is truly exciting and refreshing.

Conducted by someone who has taken Price Charles on his walks!

Book now!

5) Cemeteries of Kolkata

Things to do in India - Kolkata
Things to do in India – Kolkata

Unique things to do in India are not limited only to monuments, Yoga and communities. Take this tour to explore the cemeteries of Kolkata. You will explore two colonial cemeteries of Kolkata and learn more about the souls that reside in these cemeteries. You will also identify different types of grave architecture, learn more about the “White Mughal”, “The Greatest Liar” in the British Empire and the most beautiful girl in Calcutta in the late 18th century.
Conducted by an archaeologist and avid traveler!

Book now!

6) Desserts Safari – Bengaluru

Things to do in India - Bengaluru
Things to do in India – Bengaluru

Food walks are considered to be one of the most unique things to do in India. However, a food walk to just explore the desserts – that is truly unique and refreshing! You will be taken around to the choicest spots in Bengaluru to sample the tastiest desserts. You will also learn about what goes into making them, the different techniques used, the different variants of the same dessert across countries and so on.
Conducted by a foodie on a mission to visit every country of the world. The count stands at 54 countries.

Book now!

7) Galliyon Kay Raja – A Photo Walk in Old Hyderabad

Photo Walk in Hyderabad - Things to do in Hyderabad
Photo Walk in Hyderabad – Things to do in Hyderabad

Photography is one of the most exciting and engaging things to do in Hyderabad. On this photo walk, you will learn the basics of street photography including angels, shutter speed, exposure and natural lighting. You will also explore the food and markets of Hyderabad and go back home with improved skills, a heavier stomach and appreciation for Old Hyderabad.

Conduced by a corporate strategy professional who is an avid photographer.

Book now!

If you want these amazing things to do in India, simply reach out to us at or call us at +91-96439-82934 and we’ll get them arranged. Our prices are very nominal and start at INR 500 per person. You can also check out more things to do on See you!

12 hours In Mumbai done differently! #NotATourist

12 hours In Mumbai done differently!

Got 12 hours in Mumbai and looking for unique things to do in Mumbai? From our inventory of over a 100 different unique things to do in Mumbai we’ve come with a day in Mumbai made of only unique experiences that your clients would love! From unique heritage walks in Mumbai to a Mumbai pub crawl you would love, find a variety of sightseeing options for a day in Mumbai!

South Mumbai Heritage Walk

Unique Things to do in Mumbai - South Mumbai Walk
Unique Things to do in Mumbai – South Mumbai Walk

Itinerary - This walk begins at Gateway of India before heading past the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel to the shopping streets and noted eateries. One also covers the Navy Memorial and the illusive Wodehouse Cathedral before stopping for tender coconut at Rajabai Clock Tower. The walk also covers Churchgate Station where one learns stories on the world famous “Mumbai Dabbawallas.” At each place, the Sherpa engages the travelers in historical, economic, cultural and religious discussions. One then proceeds to the famous Dhobi Ghat of Mumbai. One can witness hundreds of people washing clothes. The Sherpa shares stories and takes you inside religious places to talk about evolution of Hinduism, Islam and Sufism in India. One of the most unique things to do in Mumbai – The Dhobi Ghat

Duration - 6 hours with a breakfast break
Time - 730 AM
Conducted By a Sherpa who is an extrovert who is passionate about local and world history and culture and wish to help people understand the WHY so that they can appreciate the WHAT.  He has been the Manager for Cultural Relations at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel for 5 years and is fluent in English and conversant in Spanish, French, Hindi and Portuguese

Book now!

Picturesque Bandra

Unique Things to do in Mumbai - Picturesque Bandra
Unique Things to do in Mumbai – Picturesque Bandra

Itinerary – Spectacular sunrise views over the sealink from a 16th century Portuguese fort? A Buckingham palace-like Parsi sanatorium? A drinking-trough for horses and a soldier’s barracks from 2 centuries ago? A centuries-old church and basilica, a Portuguese-style urban village, Bollywood superstar home and unobtrusive yet wholesome bakeries? Join me for a 90 minute, 3 kilometer walk from Bandra Fort to St. Andrew’s Church as we explore the bustling suburb for the many mysteries that it holds and the enchanting stories that you will love when told! Wow, experiencing the true Bandra is perhaps one of the most unique things to do in Mumbai
Duration – 3 hours
Time – 3:30 PM
Conducted by – Sherpa who’s the Editor of a Magazine, freelance guide, speaks both French and Spanish. I have an MA in Indian philosophy and like telling stories. Like to relate everyday, contemporary India with her mythologies, history and politics!

Book now!

The Mumbai Beer Crawl

Unique Things to do in Mumbai - The Beer Crawl
Unique Things to do in Mumbai – The Beer Crawl

Itinerary - A beer crawl is one of the most unique things to do while in Mumbai! This tour will take you to Mumbai’s most happening open air pubs. We will make you experience the open air pubs in Mumbai, a culture, which seems to be fading away into extinction. These, also happen to be some of the cheapest places to go grab a chilled lager. While we’re at it, we’ll get some amazing food, each place has to offer.
Duration - 3 hours
Time – 7 PM
Conducted by – Sherpa who’s explored places for Food/Drinks with various concepts, and are cheap on the wallet. These places, serve some amazing food too!

Book now!

Each sherpa above has conducted tours for at least 50 travellers and is rated very highly!

You can find amazing heritage walks in Mumbai here.

Contact SeekSherpa – +91-96439-82934 and we’ll customize the itinerary as per your client’s requirements!

6 Cool Home Page Designs that #BreakTheRoutine

6 Cool “Home Page” Designs That #BreakTheRoutine

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is applicable only to books, humans and other animate objects. In the case of websites, people tend to judge them by their home page.

All you have is a couple of seconds to make a lasting impression. That’s why, we bring you to you 6 home page designs that leave one with an impression, good or bad – you decide:


Scrapd is a digital scrapbook that helps one organise their creative projects.


Source – Scrapd

What’s different:

Clean, clear and simple design (Read minimalist). The copy highlights the main features of the app and has a direct call to action. An innovative home page design! Also, open the site to note the subtle use of animation that helps to organize the information.


BuiltByBuffalo is a web design and development agency.


What’s different:
A beautiful responsive home page design! The shape of the elements change from a pentagon to a rectangle to a square & finally to a rectangle in the mobile view.

Salt Films

Salt Films is production house.

Salt Films
Salt Films

What’s different:
They probably considered the cursor a cliche to navigate. The website uses a giant hand for navigation.
Users have to shake the salt bottles to read a few links – How quirky and different is this home page design?


Letters is a web design and development company.


What’s different:
One of the very few home pages to use monochrome, delicate line style graphics to spice up its home page design. It’s not minimalist, bright or one with a clear copy, yet it engages a user to explore more – Purpose achieved!


AirBnB is a platform connecting local accommodation providers with seekers.


What’s different:
It’s bright and colorful with pictures with a couple of call to actions – Search, How it Works, Become a Host
The pictures run in a slideshow – enough to engage the user and take an action.


Airnauts is a company that provides design, development and consulting services.


What’s different:
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7 quirky ways to build a great startup culture – #BreakTheRoutine

7 Startups With A Great Culture

Are you looking to build a great culture at your startup? Building a startup culture at your organization? In this post we’ve captured some really cool things companies do to develop a startup culture within their systems! Read on and comment with your thoughts, after all this is your list as much as it is ours!

1) inFeedo

A “Dare To Fail” titled pin board highlights the failures that inFeedo has ever faced. After all, each failure is a learning, right?

Code Words are used to address the team members. One can find Alpha, Ariel, Venus in the inFeedo workplace. “Roger That” instead of “Ok” and “Over & Out” instead of “Bye” gives them the feel of soldiers! inFeedo’s Soldiers!

Takeaway – Learn from your failures as a team!

Takeways on how to build a great startup culture - learn from your mistakes

2) Boundless

Values of Boundless are communicated in a clear and clever way.

Team meetings end with awards to employees who have exemplified one of the four company values
The Beast (the hardest worker), The Architect (the best strategist), Indiana Jones/Lara Croft (the dedicated adventurer looking for results), and The Most Interesting Person In the World (a well-rounded, funny, charismatic individual)

Takeaway – Quirky awards can be rewarding to your startup’s culture!

Takeways on how to build a great startup culture

3) PayPal

Mr. Thiel devised this way of building a great culture for PayPal. Reviews and appraisals would depend only on the single most valuable contribution to the company by an employee.

Takeaway – Identify each employee’s topmost contribution

Takeways on how to build a great startup culture

4) Maptia

Perhaps the best startup culture hack ever!

Once Maptia received its seed money of $100,000, Maptia didn’t opt for the usual co-work space/office on rent Instead they spun the globe found a cheap apartment on the coast of Atlantic. All the five members stay there at a cost of $10 per person per week.

Takeaway – Your team can stay and work cheap if they’re together!

Takeways on how to build a great startup culture

5) GitHub

Startups often fail to keep a flat organisational structure.

GitHub has achieved this beautifully – Instead of “Managers” they have “Primary Responsible Person”
A unique way to move beyond the cliche and conventional use of “Managers”

Takeaway – Semantics of job titles can trigger a large change.

Takeways on how to build a great startup culture

6) Warby Parker

We’ve all had crushes. Warby Parker takes this to the next level to instigate “Culture Crushes”.
It simply implies the company ensures that employees have something to look forward to, at all times!
This includes lunches, team events and even fun work deadlines

Takeaway – The team must look forward to something, at all times!

Takeways on how to build a great startup culture

7) Etsy

How important is it for your team to do things they love? Perhaps the most important thing.
Engineers love to make things. They should just do that. Etsy has invested in a 1 click deploy process. Less time waiting for scripts to run. Less time worrying if the code has made it to the server. More time to build things and love the job!

Takeaway – Ensure the team does what it loves. Period.

Takeways on how to build a great startup culture

What do you think makes your startup culture stand out? :)

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