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A Seductive List of 8 Calming & Exciting Things To Do In Bandra!

This post comes courtesy Sherpa Sachin, who apart from conversing in English, Hindi, Marathi, French and Spanish is an MA in Indian philosophy, likes telling stories, & likes to relate everyday contemporary India with her mythologies, history and politics.

A Seductive List of 8 Calming & Exciting Things To Do In Bandra!

1) For the early birds – Take in the immense peace watching the sea as dawn breaks at the seaside promenade of Bandstand.

2) Evening lover – Alternate between watching a stunning sunset filtered by mangroves and B-boppers strutting their stuff on Carter Road.

3) Runner? – Click away at selfies against a skyline of skyscrapers and dodge the Mumbai Darshan busloads as you complete your (anticlockwise only!) ten rounds of Joggers park.

4) Love to meet new people? – Experience community organizing at its best, and meet everyone from screenwriters to queer activists at themed events organized by The Hive, Maharashtra Mandal Library, Gaybombay and many other groups.

5) Like your coffee hot? – Retire to the serene magnificence of the tiled, labyrinthine beauty of “Candies” restaurant for coffee and the best sandwiches!

6) Hunger struck? Puffs or plum cake at any 1 of the bakeries on Hill Road like A1, Hearsch or American Express, a smorgasbord of global cuisine jostling for room off Carter Road towards Union Park await you!

7) Offer & pray? Mini wax replicas of everything from dream houses to painted visas, outside Mount Mary’s basilica as offerings to Our Lady of the Mount (that could be why a certain house nearby is named  ‘Mannat’!)

8) Seeking the absurd and weird for your conspiracy theory? Stand atop Castilla de Aguada, also known as Bandra Fort from 1505, and contemplate the steel and concrete behemoth of the Bandra Worli sea-link from 2005: you have spanned 5 centuries!

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