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7 quirky hiring techniques that #BreakTheRoutine

Hiring? Check out these 7 Hiring Techniques that are quirky and powerful!

1) Hire People From Your Community – Hiring Techniques 101

At DuckDuckGo, an anonymous search engine based outside Philadelphia, new employees always come from the community of users and hackers already using the product. “As a small, tight-knit team, culture fit is the most important thing and that’s why we only hire full-time staff from within,” says Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo. “I call this process ‘inbound hiring.’”

Your AI – Go through your mailers “careers@yourcompany.com” and “info@yourcompany.com” and your twitter feed to locate prospects. You should also use mailers to your community every time jobs open up. These are people who LOVE your product, what better hiring technique could there be!

2) One of them. – Hiring Techniques 101

This is a really interesting story – “I had a fun interview at McKinsey & Co. We were 8 interviewees in a conference room, with pizzas in front of us. There were two interviewers in isolated rooms, who were calling us one at a time. One of the interviewers arrived an hour late, so effectively there were going to be 7 interviews before lunch, and 9 after. We interviewees did not know this — and everyone, except me, got interviewed before lunch.

No one really understood why I wasn’t interviewed yet. Long story short, we started having lunch. I assumed we should be using forks and knives to eat the pizza — this was McKinsey & Co. Apparently, it was only me who was using silverware.

We started talking, discussing old-heard stories of bizarre McKinsey interviews, and how I haven’t been called yet, wherein I made a remark — “How would you guys feel if I was an interviewer, and have been observing you for the past 3 hours?”. If I remember correctly, 2 slices of pizza landed on the floor, 3 of the interviewees immediately picked up silverware, and the other 2 almost ran out of the conference room!”

Sourced from Quora!

Your AI – Why not? Try it. In the room your candidates are sitting, plant your person, have them observe the candidates.

3) Zappos.com – Hiring for Culture fit – Hiring Techniques 101

Zappos has two sets of interviews: the skills interview and the culture interview, and candidates must pass both. The culture interview is based on Zappos’ 10 Core Values.

If an applicant doesn’t pass it, they don’t move forward in the process, regardless of how much of a technical fit they may be. Past behaviors and touchpoints that come up during the interview that are contrary to the core values are red flags. Read more.

Your AI – Establish your 360 culture report and what being a fit means. Select someone who knows your culture well. Have them conduct the culture interview.

4) Oneday@yumist – Hiring Techniques 101

The new kid on the block in food tech – Yumist – welcomes you to work at Yumist for a day as a part of the hiring process.

It’s a pre offer process where you work in the office in your specific job role or similar job role that day allowing the company to understand how good you are at your work and at interacting with fellow team mates.

Your AI – Figure out jobs you can do this for, do it.

5) Ask Full-Time Recruits To Start Part-Time – Hiring Techniques 101

According to Kik CEO Ted Livingston. “Kik has a very different approach. We still do interviews, but the most important part of our decision is our part-time process. When we have candidates we’re seriously considering, we offer them the opportunity to work with us on a part-time basis on a project related to what they would be doing if they joined the team full-time. We pay them for their time, and we set it up so that they work side by side with their potential future colleagues. They join us for the meals we bring each day, so they have a real chance to get to know the company—and we get to know them at the same time.”


Our only doubt is how often is this feasible?

Your AI – Look at job roles where a perfect fit is most important. Devise a way in which it can work out full time. Execute.

6) Zomato Trial Week – Hiring Techniques 101

This is what the website reads – “Are you (almost) a fresh BE/BS/BTech CS grad? Take a dive into the deep end by spending a week at Zomato, working with our engineering and product teams on real, live projects that are a part of our development pipeline. Go ahead and apply, because once you’ve been picked, we take care of everything – your travel to and from our headquarters in Gurgaon, your stay here, and food (obviously).”

Isn’t that amazing? Get a chance to know your potential hires up close. Have them work on Ghost projects.

Your AI – Identify areas in your product cycle that can use this sort of support and ideation, put it in the open during trial week.

7) Breaking Bread – Hiring Techniques 101

You’re most conscious when you eat. Figure out your comrades best when you go out for a meal. Be it momos at the corner or a full blow fine dine. This is specially popular with consultants. :)

Your AI – Identify three quirky food places, go for dinner with prospects there. See if there is a change in your hiring ability. Roll out.




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