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7 Commandments For Shopping at Sarojini Nagar!

Sarojini Nagar or colloquially know as SN among the fairer sex is one of Delhi’s largest upmarket flea markets where you can literally get lost in mounds and mounds of clothes, fabric, shoes, slippers, accessories and what not and you wouldn’t mind! SN is a labyrinth waiting to be discovered. But like any other labyrinth you’re better prepared with a cheat sheet from some of the best shopaholics in Delhi! If you’re looking to go street shopping in Delhi you’ve come to the right place!

7 Commandments For Shopping at Sarojini Nagar From Our Sherpas!

1. BARGAIN BABY BARGAIN! – Sarojini Shopping has no fixed price. Bargain to get a fair quote even if the guy is selling “fixed price”. Don’t fall for that! – Says Sherpa Suruchi!

Sarojini Nagar Shopping Bargain

2. Look for defects

Sarojini Nagar is not a mall with a returns policy – most vendors will not guarantee a refund or return. So be careful! – Says Sherpa Sneha!

Sarojini Nagar No Returns

3. Find the right fit – odd fits :/

You’re not going to find a typical size schedule at Sarojini Nagar & trying clothes is not the easiest at SN. So make sure you’re wearing a thin inner you can try on top of wherever you go! Says Sherpa Rati!
Sarojini Nagar The Right Fit
4. Don’t buy in a hurry

The last thing you want to worry about at Sarojini Nagar is “Time!”. Go with lots in hand and you will be rewarded with exactly what you’re looking for! Says Sherpa Mansi!
Snails Pace Sarojini Nagar
5. Buy a lot! 

Sarojini Nagar shopping is tiring. You wanna do it all in one go and so you should – so BUY A LOT! – Says Sherpa Manisha!

Sarojini Nagar Shopping
6. Heels aren’t deals!

If you’re looking for heels be careful, they snap easy! Go with chappals (slippers) instead! Says Sherpa Rachu!
Sarojini Nagar Heel Snap

7. Don’t miss out on a SeekSherpa Shopping Tour at Sarojini Nagar! – If you’re in the mood to go shopping at Sarojini Nagar with a shopaholic, you’re at the right place Says SeekSherpa! Find awesome tours below -
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