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5 tours in Mumbai you should take with your family this summer!

The summer vacation is here! Yes, it is that time of the year where you can put on your sunglasses and relax, take up a new hobby and spend some more time with your family. Trust us, This summer vacation is going to be very different for you and your family. This time around. Give your traditional family outings in the city an interesting twist.

If you are sitting at home complaining about the heat, please stop right now; for we have put together a list of the coolest tours you can take with your family in Mumbai!

1. Explore the hidden Jewish heritage with Sherpa Stacy!

Have you ever wondered about all those places that you passed by but never really saw? Can you confidently say that you have been around and seen everything that Mumbai has to offer?  This weekend, take your family for the Shalom Mumbai tour with Sherpa Stacy and explore one such part of the city.

Nestled in the heart of Colaba is the rich Jewish heritage that stays hidden beyond myriad colours and smells of the Colaba culture. Go beyond your usual weekend family outing and learn about one of the first foreign religions that came to the country. Shepra Stacy has a storehouse of tales to tell you about this dwindling minority, their architecture and their culture that are sure to leave you awestruck!

Shalom Mumbai
Happy Travellers On Stacy’s Shalom Mumbai Tour


Take your family for the Shalom Mumbai tour this weekend and give your summers the much needed refreshing twist!

2.Dangerous Dining in Dongri With Sherpa Atash!


Have you ever sat down at the Leopold Cafe and wondered about how many of those people around you secretly belong to the underworld? Does walking along the lanes of Dongri leaves you thinking about the mysteries of the mafia? Have you ever wondered about how the chor bazaar really operates or what lies within those lanes infamous as the crime district? If you have then the dangerous dining at Dongri and Bohari mohalla is the perfect tour for you. Get your family together for a weekend outing and join Sherpa Atash for a gastronomic trail across these very neighbourhoods. Shepra Atash takes you through the colourfully chaotic streets of Dongri and the BohariMohalla and into the uncanniest of food joints with the most epic food that you wouldn’t have ever thought of finding yourself. Take your family for this adventurous tour that brings together the tales of the underworld and those of culinary delight. Watch these wizard-like chefs whip us the most exotic meals like the “Bara handi”, Eat at the favourite eating destination of a certain famous filmstar languishing in jail and end it with the best hand-churned ice-cream you can find in Mumbai.

Watch how this family takes the Dangerously Dining oath before they start!

Think we are making tall claims? Go see for yourself with the “Dangerous dining at Dongri and Boharimohalla tour”!

3. Discover the history of Bandra with Sherpa Sachin

Bandra is such a blend of quaint crumbling villages with lofty seaside promenades. The Queen of Suburbs will never fail to surprise you. Take your family for a summer outing this weekend with the Picturesque Bandra  tour.  Sherpa Sachin takes you by the hand and straight into the impressive history that Bandra has to offer. From the spectacular views of the sealink from the Portuguese fort to the Buckingham palace like parsi sanatorium, this tour covers the true stories of Bandra in a 120 minute walk. Connect with your family over your mutual love for exploring new places in the city.


Try amazing food at the wholesome bakeries that bandra has to offer and hear tales that you have never heard before with the Picturesque Bandra tour!

4. Art lovers in the house? Explore the art with Sherpa Reeti


For all those art lovers in the house, we have the perfect family outing in the city with the Brush with the art galleries of South Mumbai tour! Join Sherpa Reeti for the most artistic weekend outing with family this summer vacation. She takes you from the Jehangir art gallery at Kala Ghoda to the bluest-blue synagogue in the city. Meet the quirky street artist with their refreshing art on display and find out what really goes in to create unique artwork. Take a walk with her through the various art galleries, while she marks the contrast between various forms of art and how each piece is beautiful in its own unique way. Explore the hidden art at the Jehangir Art gallery!

Travellers Enjoying the Mumbai Art Gallery tour with Sherpa Reeti
Travellers Enjoying the Mumbai Art Gallery tour with Sherpa Reeti

 At the end of this tour, we are sure your family will go back with a renewed enthusiasm towards art! Book the tour here!

5. The perfect tour for the colonial foodies

Do your parents tell you tales of how Mumbai was once a Bombay? Of how this beautiful city full colourful chaos really came about? Do they also share your love for food? Well, you don’t need more than that as reason to take them for this amazing food walk through the colonial past of Mumbai with Sherpa Runal on his heritage and foodie walk through colonial Bombay  Tour. He takes you back into the time of old Bombay on a trail that follows through Flora Fountain, Prince Wales museum, hidden Irani cafes and the Ballard estate. Maybe after this tour you will truly understand what your parents mean when they talk about the Mumbai in their time! Watch how Sherpa Runal gets his travellers going!

Go back in time to colonial bombay!

Bring your family together for a weekend outing in the city, learn about places that you would never have known of, give them an experience that they can cherish for a lifetime and look at your own beloved city in a new light this summer vacation. The most beautiful bonds are created only when the family travels together, so why wait?

Book the perfect weekend family outing here!


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