5 things your inner traveller must do in Manali - #NotATourist

5 things your inner traveller must do in Manali – #NotATourist

Manali – Things to do (Beyond the obvious!)

Manali is the perfect place for a summer getaway. Lift your head and you can see mighty mountains that seem to be enveloping the city.  Clear white clouds kiss the snow covered peaks making you feel like the sky is romancing the earth. Listen closely for the music of the water flowing down the Himalayas. It is like the nature created this haven only for you to go and drink in its beauty. The best time to visit Manali is in the summers, between April and July, when the heat in your city is eating you alive and you’re in the mood to go get a cool breezy wintry weekend.

Cable Car Manali Holiday SeekSherpa
Holidaying In Manali – Cable Car

But wait, the moment your gaze hits the ground are you put off by the swarm of tourists and tour guides? Do you think that this tiny abode of natural beauty was not meant to be as commercialised? Is that the reason you eliminated Manali as a location that could feed the fire of wanderlust within you?

Hang in right there, because we have handpicked 5 things you must do in Manali to feed your inner traveller.

1. Trek to the Nyingmapa Monastery, Manali

It is the journey that matters more than the destination. The trek to the Nyingmapa Monastery is beautiful and serene.  It is the kind of trek that books are written about. Nestled in the hills,Nyingmapa monastery is run by Buddhist nuns.

Nyingmapa Monastery
Nyingmapa Monastery

The roads are narrow, and the altitude it rests on is high but this journey will change your notion of trekking. Ask a local for directions to Nyingmapa, it might not show up on Google. We highly recommend you to go and spend an afternoon there.

2. Visit the Naggar Castle

If you proudly call yourself a history buff, a visit to the Naggar Castle in a must-do. This castle built in 1460AD is made only in wood and stone. It was the home to Raja Sidh Sing of Kullu. This historical edifice brings together elements from European and Indian architecture. For all those who are ardent Bollywood fans, we would like to add that a certain song from ‘Jab we met’ was shot here. You will instantly know which one once you visit.

Naggar-Castle Manali


3. Visit the shawl factories around Manali

If you have been close to the Himachal you certainly know about the Tibetan markets selling beautifully handmade shawls and other similar items. Have you ever wondered how they are made? Go for a walk around the tiny shawl factories located near the Kullu-Manali highway and see how these shawls are woven. It is a delight watching these artisans creating the masterpieces from wool. If you are pleasant enough to strike a conversation with them, they might even let you weave a little.

shawl factories around Manali


4. Sip some coffee by the riverside cafes

What better than a friend (or a book) and cup of piping hot coffee in your hand amidst the hills? The riverside cafes in Manali are on the river. No, that is not a typo. They are actually on the river with chairs and tables screwed into the ground while the river Beas flows by. Dip your feet in the river and feel the gushing water while you enjoy that conversation and coffee. A perfect way to reconnect with the nature, we say!

Manali Riverside Cafes


5. Walk amidst the cedar trees

If you love walking and hate commercialization, this is the perfect blend of both for you. Take a walk into the forest through the cedar trees near the Hadimba Temple. This walk is near therapeutic if you have ever fancied a walk in the forest. The Hadimba temple is thronged with tourists, and this forest located just behind the temple is a stark contrast. Walk down the road less taken, who knows what you might discover.

Natural Scenes of Manali cedar trees


These untouched traveller’s delights are hidden behind those hoards of tourist-y locations Manali entertains, do something different this time and go be a traveller in Manali.

Stay tuned for we have the most amazing handpicked locations coming up for you from all over the country, and the world. Read about how you can travel as #NotATourist in Agra!

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