5 Things You Need To Know About Tequila! #RedefiningTravel

5 Things You Need To Know About Tequila! #RedefiningTravel

The mysteries of Tequila explained…

So you thought Tequila can only be that spirit that you find in dorm parties? And that Tequila was just some alcohol used to flavour fancy red drinks? You couldn’t have been more wrong. We curate for you five facts and stories from Mexico and world over that will change your image of tequila from a juvenile spirit to one of the handsomest of alcohols, all suited up! Read on:

1. It HAS to be from Mexico if it is Tequila

Nope sir, that wasn’t a legacy right only restricted to Champagnes. Tequila comes under the Denomination of Origin, meaning that the spirit can only be produced in Mexico.

That’s a way of saying that Mexico has the rights to the name “Tequila”. (Maybe they could sue “The Champs” over their sole hit tune called “Tequila”, #justkidding).


2. Tequila DOES NOT come from a cactus!

Fermented from a plant called blue agave, Tequila comes from something closer to lilies than cactus! So how’s that done? Real short: The centre of the plant is crushed (traditionally a 110kg core which looks a lot like a baby sized pineapple), using a large volcanic stone (WHAT!), fermented, distilled, the fibre separated, distilled again, filtered and then balanced.

“More than 60 hands (and a few pairs of feet) touch your bottle of Tequila before it reaches you.”

Fun Fact: Tequila can be made into diamonds (WOAH!) according to the physicists at National Autonomous University of Mexico. (Not diamonds for jewelry, silly, but diamonds that can be electronically and industrially useful.)



3. Tequila is as classy as Whisky.

It has a terroir. Simple words, it has highlands and lowlands too. Just as winemakers in Burgundy could tell you about the different tastes imparted in wines from different soils, tequila tastes vary depending on where the plant came from.

Highlands impart rich, flowery, vanilla notes. For more earthy, spicy flavor, lowlands are popular.

Don’t confuse tequila with its sister spirit Mezcal. Just as all Scotch is whisky but not all whisky is Scotch, All Tequila is Mezcal, not all Mezcal is Tequila.

4. A bottle of excellent Tequila is..

-A great gift! Many companies in Mexico go lengths to dress up a bottle, something you probably only expect out of wines. A bottle of Leyenda (from Gran Centenario) comes in nifty burlap coffin, for example.

-Worth $225,000! That’s right, that’s how much a private collector paid to get the world’s most expensive bottle of Tequila.


Fun Fact: If some of the origins of Tequila is to be believed, it was sought as the answer of God and was only made for Priests. It was used in rituals that required human or blood sacrifice. Now that’s a commitment to alcohol!

And now the best:

5. Tequila does NOT cause hangovers.

If you don’t want to be hammered, then avoid something that you take to be ‘Tequila’. Majority of this alcohol is served with more than 40% corn or sugarcane juices, the mix aptly called ‘mixto’, which causes impregnable headaches.

In reality, a 100% pure blue agave tequila (not something as obsolete as the name sounds) NEVER leads to a hangover. So if you want to kick over the morning blues yet have a kick ass night, 100% tequila, that’s what you want.


So now, has Tequila changed from  something you don’t remember when you first had to  something you’re dying to try? Are you ready for a one-on-one with Tequila, the sophistication of Mexico? Then join us with Tulleeho.com on a Tequila Cocktail making lesson on 18th July 2015 between 4 & 6 PM at Terttulia Restaurant, Mumbai!

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