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5 Medical Checks you NEED before travelling to India

Vaccine Medical Check India


We wholeheartedly believe that India is a beautiful and diverse country with an endless list of things to see, eat, touch, feel, and breathe. But to really enjoy your visit, you need to make sure that you’re feeling hail, hearty, and ready to take over the world. So to prevent those sudden stomach bugs, attacks of flu, or something even more serious, we spoke to a bunch of experts to arrive at this medical checklist that you must keep in mind before travelling to India –

  1. Vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, diphtheria,etc.

This is a basic precaution recommended to keep you safe from all of those scary sounding illnesses regardless of where you go, and especially if you’re likely to be cruising in remote areas without emergency medical attention facilities.

  1. Vaccines for diseases transmitted through food and water

Indian food is delicious. It has exotic flavors, pungent spices, and diverse textures. In some very rare cases, there is a chance, and this is true especially for lesser known establishments or semi-urban/rural areas, that the hygiene conditions are a little awry. Make sure that you’re protected against diseases like typhoid, Hepatitis A, and cholera, although curative medication is usually available without hassle.

  1. Vaccines for diseases transmitted through touch, insect bite, or other

Malaria is rare in India but can arise in North Eastern parts like Assam. Dengue can become common during monsoon season even in metropolitans like Delhi & Mumbai, so keep lots of paracetamol handy – although papaya leaves are a homegrown remedy that work like a charm. India is polio-free and NOT at risk for yellow fever – although you may be required to furnish an YFV certificate if you’re travelling from parts of Africa or Central America.

  1. Everyday medication for fever, colds, stomach bugs, etc.

Foreign travellers sometimes prefer carrying their own brand of medication for everyday illnesses and this is recommended especially if you’re off on a trek to the Himalayas or hell bent on discovering the North East like never before or other remote areas where medical facilities are not the best.

  1. Traveller specific vaccines & safety precautions

While we’ve tried our best to cover everything, the above list is not exhaustive, so be sure to check in with your GP about medication specific to you and it’s best that you carry that in your travel kit!

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