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5 coolest things to do with your family in Bangalore this summer!

#StopMissingOut Bengaluru!

How does the typical weekend morning in your house look like? Your mother is busy thinking about what to cook for breakfast, your father is nose deep into the morning newspaper, and you are probably not even awake yet to see all of this. Enough of those summer weekends, we say!

This vacation do something your parents would be proud of you for - take the family for an outing to discover the hidden sights and sounds of Bangalore with our handpicked list of 5 coolest things to do with family this summer!

1. Take the Desserts Safari with Sherpa Saurav

Has the busy week drained the energy out of you and your family? Do these summer vacation seem bland and tasteless because of the heat? Don’t worry you. Sherpa Saurav is here with his amazing “Dessert Safari tour” in Bangalore to refresh your taste buds with the delightful desserts from all over Koromangla. With a mission to discover all the culinary delights in the world, Sherpa Saurav has been to more than 54 countries! Who better than this dessert connoisseur to help you de-stress with your family over the weekend?

Travellers Enjoying The Bengaluru Desserts Safari SeekSherpa Tour By Sherpa Saurav!
Travellers Enjoying The Bengaluru Desserts Safari SeekSherpa Tour By Sherpa Saurav!


Book the Desserts Safari tour this summer vacation because stressed spelt backwards is desserts!

2. Travel back in time to the Old Bangalore this weekend with Sherpa Adarsh


Once upon a time, Bangalore was a tiny city spread over a meagre 2.24 kms and confined to a tiny mud fort. This fort was the heart of the city, the home of kings and a battle ground where kingdoms were won and lost. Catch hold of every member in your family this weekend and take them to a journey to the heart of Bangalore with Sherpa Adarsh.  Learn about the real story behind Tipu Sultan’s Summer palace, get to know the lesser known Bangalore fort and the Victoria hospital, grab some lip-smacking food on the way while learning some tips and tricks of photography!

Travellers Enjoying The Journey To The Heart Of Tour By Sherpa Adarsh At Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace
Travellers Enjoying The Journey To The Heart Of Tour By Sherpa Adarsh!


Give your family the outing in the city they never had, explore Bangalore with a new twist with our “Journey to the heart of Bengaluru” tour!

3. Discover the Roots of Bangalore!


Summer vacations are meant for doing all those things you wouldn’t otherwise. Venture into the new territory and take your family along to the exhilarating experiences the city of Bangalore has to offer with our Roots of Bangalore tour!

Travellers Enjoying The Roots of Bengaluru Tour at Churches of Bengaluru
Travellers Enjoying The Roots of Bengaluru Tour!


Start the morning with the Bugle Rock, travel back to the times of Kempe Gowda, grab a quick bite of the delicious food on the way while our Sherpa will walk you through the religious and spiritual significance of the Nandi temple. she will tell you the story of how Kempe Gowda came up with the idea of building a city. You will get a chance to walk around Lalbagh and Bonsai garden and hear the little told story of how it was made. This tour is full of facts and stories about the historical significance of rich heritage that Bangalore holds.

Explore the Roots of Bangalore!

4. Take the Ultimate food tour in Bangalore with Sherpa Karthik

If your family shares your love for everything food, make this weekend a gastronomic delight with the “Namma Bangalore” tour.

Did you know which food item was discovered during the World War II? Do you want to try the massive spread of over 15 starters and 20 main course dishes?

Sherpa Karthik will take you for such a gastronomic adventure on his tour- but remember it is only for those with a serious appetite. Forget your favourite family restaurant this time around and take them for an outing in the city that will not only surprise your taste buds but also help you all bond over amazing food. Maybe you can have that eating competition with your brother you always wanted to have, after all!

Book an experience of a lifetime for your family here.

5. Enjoy the authentic vegetarian cuisine of Bangalore


Lunch in the authentic Arya-Viashya style with our Sherpa Meghana, while she takes you and your family for a delightful tour revealing Bangalore’s old school charm. The tour covers the myriad flavours of Bangalore’s oldest and the largest trading communities. On this 3hour food walk with Sherpa Meghana your family will get an opportunity to try some delectable filter coffee, some incredible idlis and dosas, walk through the beautifully chaotic flower markets of Gandhi Bazaar and wind up with a beautiful view of the city from the top of the Ram Ajaneya temple!

Here is what the travellers had to say about the tour!

Ready to explore the hidden delights in your own city? Book the Authentic Bengaluru for the Vegetarian soul tour!

Make this summer vacation about creating new memories around your own city, cherish these times that you spend with your parents and siblings, give them the weekend outing that they will remember forever. Have a look at our lineup of tours.

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