7 Hacks to Improve Employee Productivity 10x

10X Employee Productivity – 7 Hacks that #BreakTheRoutine

Increase employee productivity at work! Here are 7 hacks that #BreakTheRoutine while improving productivity 10x! 

I’m a serious believer in productivity and automation.

The best part is you can do little things that make life better and faster for everyone around you.

Flipkart today employs around 40000 people while close second rival – Snapdeal – employs just about 7500. That’s roughly 5 times larger workforce for Flipkart while the revenue is just about twice.

Ceteris paribus, would you agree that Snapdeal is more productive per employee? YES!

While we don’t know what magic potion they’re brewing, I’ve got some great suggestions on improving employee productivity for you right here. My research team and I spent about a week in finding these. We called up and hunted down people for information regarding techniques to improve employee productivity and we’ve really got a good list below.

Enjoy –

1. Exercise! Hack 1 to improve employee productivity. 

Clif Bar (OTB) pays for its people to exercise 2.5 hours a week. But, even with that perk in place, it would be human nature for someone to be nervous about being viewed as the slacker who leaves the office in the middle of the day to go workout. For this reason, GPTW 2015 keynote speaker Kevin Cleary, Clif Bar’s CEO, makes sure that Clif Bar people see him at the office in his sweaty gym clothes after a midday run, and he encourages his leadership team to be equally visible in their workout gear. Walk the walk.

What can you do? India doesn’t really provide a very helpful gymming or sports atmosphere, but it’s definitely possible to break sweat over a game of TT or pool. A table starts as low as INR 10,000. Go get it!

2. Learning wallet! Hack 2 to improve employee productivity.

Everybody at InMobi gets $800 annually as a ‘learning wallet’ which they can utilise to do anything — cooking classes, scuba-diving lessons, learning a new language or simply mastering new technologies. WOAH!

What can you do? Ermm..Hello. That’s what SeekSherpa is here for. Visit us and find an experience you want to take your employees on. Write us at getmesherpa@seeksherpa.com and get yourself an account manager assigned to look into your needs specifically.

3. Say Thank You! Hack 3 to improve employee productivity.

DHL Express takes employee engagement seriously in the office, on the roads and in the air. It has an incredible culture of thanking employees, whether that’s through monetary rewards, honouring top performers at its annual Hollywood-style black-tie event or pinning notes of appreciation on the company corkboard.

Recommended - Google has the concept of a Peer bonus. It’s an incredible way of saying thank you when a colleague helps you out. E.g. Employee Divya is working on a tough project, reaches out to Employee Rajesh for help. Rajesh, out of his niceness stays back to help Divya. In a normal scenario, no one would notice. In the event of a Peer Bonus, Divya can refer Rajesh for a peer bonus. The award can be a small monetary award or a BU wide appreciation mail. TRY IT!

4. Learn your product. Hack 4 to improve employee productivity. 

At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters they sent employees to Guatemala to learn more about the coffee-making process!

Isn’t that amazing?

What can you do? In today’s day and age it means – make your sales and tech team work close by. Yes, we all need war rooms but ultimately, when people talk, true sparks fly.

5. Be transparent. Hack 5 to improve employee productivity. 

Whole Foods Market not only lets employees see each other’s salaries, but the company also sends staff on trips to meet suppliers so they learn more about where their products come from and how much they cost.

What can you do? Most Indian companies are very hush hush about compensation. That’s fair to some extent given the high degree of hierarchy indian business setups have. But why not try it? Be a routine breaker!

6. Be what you are! Hack 6 to improve employee productivity. 

Reebok: “CrossFit Box”

Reebok was looking to reinforce its new mission “to get consumers moving.” They figured the best way to do that was to first get their employees in motion. In an effort to align their people with their vision, the athletic apparel brand converted one of their warehouses into a CrossFit workout center, exclusively for Reebok employees. Participants collectively lost over 4000 pounds during 2011. Globally, 1000 Reebok employees are now CrossFitters.

Why it works: This initiative helped build engagement on many levels. Reebok didn’t just sell a lifestyle, it lived it. To deliver the full customer experience, they promoted a culture of health and wellness within their organisation, making employees stakeholders in the company’s vision and mission.

7. Let people do what they like best. Hack 7 to improve employee productivity. 

Google is a master of this. The 20% project that it allows all employees to indulge in gave birth the the world’s largest mailing service – Gmail.com :)

What can you do? Give your guys a day a fortnight off to start with to allow them to do whatever they want. The whole office needn’t be off and this can be done in rotation.

I really hope the above hacks work out for you. I feel they would. Call me at +91-96439-82934 if you want to talk more.

– Dhruv (SeekSherpa.com)

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