10+ Ways To Know Your City Better This Independence Day!

10+ Ways To Know Your City Better This Independence Day!

India’s Independence Day – how well do you know India?

Be it the 69th or the 68th or the 70th or whichever year, you’re going to enjoy your Indian independence day when you know more about your country.

India’s a country rich with eons worth of history. There are stories about every nook and cranny in your city and that’s why we’ve got some of the best Sherpas telling you about your city this Indian Independence Day. If you’re looking for things to do this independence day then you’ve come to the right place we’ve got a number of events and activities this independence day mentioned below!

Try any of the tours below to get your fill of history, heritage, and culture this Indian Independence Day!

Delhi Tours For Indian Independence Day

(Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, & Hyderabad Below)

1. Old Delhi Heritage and Cultural walk  

Experience Highlights –

– Visit the temples, bazaars, and monuments of Old Delhi.
– Visit the Paranthe Wale gali, the Shish Ganj Gurudwara, Ghalib ki Haveli and many more!
– Conducted by history buffs

16 Aug @ 10 AM – INR 700 per person – Book now!

2. Rendezvous with the Past @ The National Museum

Experience Highlights –

– Visit 8 galleries that describe the various facets of Indian History
– Artefacts will come to life through the Sherpa’s narratives
– Conducted by a history student

14 Aug @ 11:30 AM – INR 500 per person – Book now!

3. Dilli Haat through a Cultural Lens

Experience Highlights –

– A 360 degree tour of the wares and cultures of India’s 29 states in under 3 hours.
– Shop and eat from each state’s own special section.
– Conducted by an avid foodie, traveller and pro bargainer!

14 Aug & 16 Aug @  5 PM – INR 800 per person – Book now!

4. Act Naturally – An Acting Workshop Focussed On Expression & Emotion

Experience Highlights –

– Learn how to combine emotion and expression with your speech delivery
– New techniques on sound and body, how do the 2 work together?
– Conducted by a Grade 7 Speech And Drama Trinity Student & Pro Actor

15 & 16 Aug @ 3:30 PM – INR 500 per person – Book now!

5. Photography Lessons – Through The Unexplored Corner Of Lodhi Garden

Experience Highlights –

– Learn the basics of photography with the Lodhi Tombs and gardens as your backdrop.
– Lighting, composition, & metering will be a few of the techniques taught.
– Conducted by an avid photographer!

15 & 16 Aug @ 06 AM – INR 700 per person – Book now!

Mumbai Tours For Independence Day

6. A Brush with the Art Galleries of South Mumbai

Experience Highlights -

Visit 3 iconic Art Galleries of South Mumbai among other architectural gems
Learn to perceive and appreciate art and its various forms
Conducted by an art and history aficionado

On 14, 15, & 16 Aug @ 04 PM – INR 800 per person – Book now!

7. The Fortress that Bombay Once Was

Experience Highlights –

– Draw a colourful contrast between Fortified Bombay and Aamchi Mumbai
– Walk through Town Hall, Flora Fountain, Kala Ghoda,
– Conducted by history buffs!

15 & 16 Aug @ 07 AM – INR 1000 per person – Book now!

Hyderabad Tours For Indian Independence Day

8.Galliyon Kay Raja – A Photo Walk in Old Hyderabad

Experience Highlights –

Become a street photography expert after this ‘learn on the go’ session
The flea market, the colourful lanes and the Charminar make for the perfect subjects
Curated by an experienced photographer

16 Aug @ 07 AM – INR 600 per person – Book now!

Kolkata Tours For Indian Independence Day

9. Hopping with Heritage in Dalhousie Square! 

The guided tour I host via SeekSherpa starts from Chowringhee (in front of KC Das). We will walk past the Rajbhawan Great Eastern Hotel and roam around Dalhousie Square, as we explore the great European structures of the British era.

Sat 15 Aug @ 07:30 PM – Book now!

10. Exploring Kolkata Through The Lens – A Photography Lesson

On this photography tour I host via SeekSherpa, we will start our journey from Prinsep Ghat in Strand Road. I’m a filmmaker and photographer and through our journey I will educate you on the following aspects of photography –

A. Exposure
– Shutter Speed
– Aperture
B. Composition/Frame Construction
C. Camera controls
D. Lens basics
E. Focusing modes

Sun 16 Aug, 02:00 PM – Book now!

Bengaluru Tours For Indian Independence Day

11. Bangalore Desserts Safari

The Dessert Food Tour I host via SeekSherpa takes you through the choicest desserts in Koramangala handpicked by connoisseurs themselves. We’ll be indulging in the best desserts on the menu, the names of which I cannot divulge, but I can promise a medley of desserts harmoniously weaving their way through your taste buds.

14 & 15 Aug, 05:00 PM – Book now!

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