10 Amazing Ways We Celebrate Ramzan All Over The World

10 Amazing Ways We Celebrate Ramzan All Over The World – #RedefiningTravel

10 Ways We Celebrate Ramzan All Over The World!

The month of fasting and spiritual feasting is here!

Whether it is Ramadan in the Arab states or Ramzan to the Urdu born the variety of Iftar delicacies and the pop-surprises in which new generations welcome this month remains as exciting as ever.

Get culture binging with these 10 cities as we describe their quirky-ness in celebrating the month. There’s a surprise for those who read to the very end. :)

Ramzan in Cairo, Egypt

A cannon shot is heard to mark the iftar time during the month, an age old tradition that was adopted by many muslim cities later on. In Egypt, you don’t need to refer to a calendar to know the beginning of the month, because the traditional lanterns or fanous lighting up every corner of the streets do that for you!


Ramzan in Java, Indonesia

The Javanese Indonesians follow a practice quite similar to a hindu one, they bathe in the holy springs for fasting. This ritual known as Padusa is followed by many.

Ramzan in Sana’a,Yemen

Kohl is not just for the women in the middle eastern city. Though kohl makes up for the cultural cosmetic for the this religion, during the month men get kohl applied to their eyes as a part of the prophetic tradition. 


Ramzan in Hyderabad, India

Camel used to be offered to the God on the first Friday of the month. This practice has been halted, though, by the action of activists as of now. One tradition that is somewhat a local quirk is the development of the muharram special dish haleem now made popular during the month by cafes and local eateries for its nutritive value.



Ramzan in Jakarta, Indonesia

By the end of the holy month,  most employees are given extra happiness in the form of a one-month bonus known as Tunjangan Hari Raya.

Ramzan in Alexandria, Egypt

Around iftar time, the streets are lined up with maa’idat ar-Rahman, which means The banquet of the Merciful(God). These are tables put up by locals offering food to the poor or those who happen to be still on the street during iftar time. This represents the best part about the celebration that is charity and helping the poor.

Ramzan in Alexandria, Egypt
Ramzan in Alexandria, Egypt


Ramzan in Kashmir, India

The offbeat (literally!) ritual followed here is Sahar Khwan or Drum beater. Voluntary drummers take up the task of waking up people for sehri or the pre dawn meal, walking in dark alleys beating drums.



Ramzan in Khost, Afghanistan

All through the month men gather in parks and hold actual(!) egg fights. Each carries a hard boiled egg and tries to crack the other’s. Kite flying is a year long practice, but it takes brilliant shape in the sky particularly during the holy month.

Ramzan in Semarang, Indonesia

Dugderan Carnival is held to mark the beginning of festivities. A parade is also held with the Warak ngendog, a dragon-like creature allegedly inspired by the Buraq.



Ramzan in Istanbul, Turkey

The month becomes a Halloween like festival for the kids. Often called Seker Bayrami (Holiday of Sweets), children go door to door wishing people a happy bayram and collecting candies and traditional Baklava, Turkish Delights!

Ramzan in Istanbul, Turkey
Ramzan in Istanbul, Turkey


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