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10 Amazing Things to Do in Agra Apart From The Taj Mahal!

Things to do in Agra APART from the Taj!

If you’re looking to explore Agra uniquely, then you’ve come to the right place! We have some awesome things to do in Agra that you would love.

1) Cultural Walk of Agra

Who said Agra is only about the Taj Mahal? Take this walk to explore the hidden lanes, the bustling spice market, mosques and temples of Agra. Not only this, understand the Taj Mahal and Red Fort from a different perspective. View the Taj Mahal from a secret spot! Visit the local shops to taste traditional sweets of Agra and enjoy a ride on the Rickshaw. Take this walk and be a local of Agra as you explore new and niche things to do in Agra!

Things to do in Agra!
Explore the culture of Agra


2) Fooding in the city of Taj Mahal, Agra!

Looking for food related things to do in Agra? Take a gastronomical and cultural walk to experience the local food of Agra! Our Sherpa will take you through all the famous eateries of Agra. During this trail, you will not only taste the food but also understand when and why is a particular dish prepared! You will also be told little stories about the history of the eateries. Wow! Isn’t that a great thing to do in Agra?

Things to do in Agra
Try the traditional Paan in Agra!


3) Yoga with the Taj Mahal

Practice Yoga while viewing the Taj Mahal! Sounds exciting? It surely is! Get on this 2 hour micro-tour to experience the two things that are truly Indian and reflect the Indian Culture – The Taj Mahal and Yoga. This unique experience will cover the basic aspects of Asanas, Dhyanas and Pranayam with a breathtaking view of the Seventh Wonder of the World from only a few hundred meters away! It’s a relaxing thing to do in Agra.

Things to do in Agra
Yoga facing the Taj Mahal


4) Tour of the sabzi mandi

Sabzi Mandi stands for Vegetable Market in hindi. You can visit this market to witness and understand the buying and selling of fruits and vegetables. Interact with the local vendors and public who will tell you about the local names and uses of specific fruits and vegetables. This experience will be conducted on foot and rickshaw! Take this tour only if you want to be right in the middle of the bustling vegetable market of Agra and find really cool things to do!

Things to do in Agra - Sabzi Mandi Visit
Sabzi Mandi In Agra


5) Colonial Structures of Agra

That’s right, Agra isn’t only famous for The Taj Mahal, Mughal Monuments and the Panchi Petha! Agra houses a number of colonial structures from the days of the British Rule! This walk will cover bungalows, Cemeteries, Churches, Cathedrals and a number of other buildings and places that have there ever since the British Rule! Take this tour if you know want to more about Agra and if you like exploring beyond the obvious.

Things to do in Agra - Colonial Era Buildings
Colonial Walk in Agra


6) Explore Agra on a bike (Where else would you find such things to do in Agra?)

What a great thing to do in Agra! Bike Tours are not limited only to Europe! This bike tour is a unique way to explore Agra. If you’re a biker or a traveller or an explorer, this tour is for you! You will be exploring the heritage, culture, monuments, markets and food of Agra through this Bike Tour. No worries, you are provided with all equipment to have a safe and exciting ride. This tours covers the following places – Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Streets and markets of Agra and Agra food! 

7) Korai Village – A village in the city of the Taj

Take this tour to witness rural life in India! During this tour, you will get a chance to interact with the villagers & see their way of life. It is actually quite different to experience this village in the city of the Seventh Wonder of the World. These are some really unique things to do in Agra. 

Things to do in Agra - Visit Korai Village Near Agra
Korai Village Tour


8) Cook and Dine in with a local

Looking for food things to do in Agra? Learn how to cook Indian Dishes at a local’s house! The family will teach you how to a few lip smacking dishes with indian spices and herbs. Once you’ve prepared the dishes, you will also eat with the indian family.

Things to do in Agra - Food
At Home Dining Experience With A Local in Agra


If you want these amazing things to do in Agra, simply reach out to us at makemesherpa@seeksherpa.com or call us at +91-96439-82934 and we’ll get them arranged. Our prices are very nominal and start at INR 500 to 700 per person. You can also check out more things to do on SeekSherpa.com. See you!


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